Genshin Impact 2.3 has been released recently. The beta test of Genshin Impact 2.4 has leaked a new region called Enkanomiya. It's related to the World Quest series in Watatsumi Island, especially the Moon-Bathed Deep quest. Learn some details about this new region below.

Enkanomiya Region
Enkanomiya Region is leaked in the beta test of Genshin Impact 2.4.

I. The Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest

The Moon-Bathed Deep is a world quest in Mouun Shrine, Watatsumi Island. You need to find the NPC Tsuyuko at this Shrine and talk to her. After unlocking this World Quest, you need to complete these five quests in any order. Click on the quest, follow the direction to get to the quest location, and complete all objectives.

  • Eye Of Watatsumi;
  • Fang Of Watatsumi;
  • Fin Of Watatsumi;
  • Tail Of Watatsumi;
  • Heart of Watatsumi.

During these quests, Traveler and Paimon need to collect all spirit pearls and unlock the Seal of the Heart. After defeating some Hydro bosses and enemies, you will get the Key of the Deep. This key is also the link between the current Inazuma nation and the new Enkanomiya Region in the beta test.

II. How To Get To Enkanomiya Region

According to the leak, you need the Key of the Deep in the Moon-Bathed Deep quest to unlock and enter the Enkanomiya Region. In specific, the game system in the beta testing version requires players to complete the Moon-Bathed Deep quest before revealing this region.

Break The Final Seal
Complete the Moon-Bathed Deep quest to unlock the entrance of this region.

Therefore, this new region in the beta version may be the upcoming playable area in Genshin Impact 2.4. So, it can be assumed that the next update will continue to unlock new content around existing nations in Teyvat, including a new region named Enkanomiya in Inazuma and two new characters Yunjin and Shenhe from Liyue.

Enter Via A Pool
You can enter it via a deep pool.

According to the legends in Inazuma, people in Watatsumi originate from Enkanomiya. Now, they are still practicing the tradition in this region after settling on Watatsumi Island. People can enter Enkanomiya via a deep pool on this island. Then, further stories about this region will be revealed when you can unlock it in the next update that will come to the game around mid-January next year.

III. Enkanomiya's Leaked Details

The new region Enkanomiya will have a unique time circle between Day and Night that is different from Teyvat's time circle. Unlike the Golden Apple Archipelago - the previous out-world region, Enkanomiya will exist permanently. It's because this region is a part of Inazuma. Its story is also related to the story of Inazuma.

Enkanomiya will have a unique time circle and map layout.

Like other regions, this new region will also have new bosses and sub-areas. In specific, Enkanomiya will have nine sub-areas and two new bosses, including a pair of Cryo and Electro bosses. Its map layer looks pretty like a domain. You can't see the sun in this region. But you can also travel to this region by using the Teleport Waypoints.

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