Finding the Starplinter Iron is an objective in the new archon quest 'The Crane Returns on the Wind'. But a lot of players haven't know how to use their elemental vision to find this item. Check out this guide to find the Starplinter Iron quickly with Genshin Impact Vision and complete this quest.

Find Starsplinter Iron With Vision

When doing the new archon quest 'The Crane Returns on the Wind' in version 2.4, players need to use Genshin Impact Vision to find Starsplinter Iron. You need to use characters with real visions to find it. Some Genshin Impact characters use fake visions, such as The Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, and Venti.

Starplinter Iron
Use the Elemental Sight to make the item glow.

The required items are pretty hard to find. Follow these steps to use the vision and find these required items.

  • Navigate the objective location and find the nearest way to get there.
  • Get into the yellow circle of the quest location on the minimap.
  • Click on the Elemental Sight to make the item glow up.
  • Climb to a high place to look around and spot glowing items.
Starplinter Iron Baal
Baal, Zhongli, and Venti use fake Visions

The quest requires players to find two Starsplinter Iron items. They spawn in a high stone wall and the top of a high rock with some bushes around. If you use the characters with fake visions, these items won't glow up. So, remember to switch to a character with the real vision, such as Xiao, Shenhe, Travelers, etc.

After finding the required items, you climb and get close to them. Then, press the F key on PC or tab on the icon button of these items to collect them. Then, Travelers continue to go to find the Subrosium and give it to the quest giver. After completing this part of the quest, you will get many rewards, including character enhancement materials, Mora, and Primogems.

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