Genshin Impact 2.4 has been released today with a lot of new features. These additions and optimizations were introduced in the Special Program of Genshin Impact 2.4 before the release date. Here are the top 5 new features in the current version you should experience now.

#1. Spiral Abyss Optimization

Genshin Impact players are very interested in Spiral Abyss challenges. You can get a free character and a lot of Primogems. The game developers have made some adjustments to Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss, including:

  • Real-time completion progress;
  • Opponents' detail.

With these two additions and optimizations, your game will be easier. The time challenge target will become dark when it is out of reach. Besides, players can check the details of enemies on each floor of the chamber. Then, you don't need to quit to check the enemies' details.

The Time Challenge Targets
The unreachable time challenge target in Spiral Abyss will get dark.

#2. Teapot's Furnishings Optimization

Serenitea Pot 2.4 has many new features, including furnishings optimization. Genshin Impact players can select single pieces of furnishings in their inventory to combine them in a set. You can also move and store these sets though these sets are not available in the list of Outdoor sets provided by the game system.

It makes the decoration work in Serenitea Pot easier and more relaxing. Moreover, the new version's Teapot Realm also has many new Furnishings items, including the Speedy Rhythm and Euphonium Unbound. Genshin Impact players can select their favorite music to play in their Teapot Realm.

Create Furnishings Sets
You can create your own furnishings sets in Serenitea Pot now.

#3. Map Interface Optimization

One of the most anticipated new features and optimizations in Genshin Impact 2.4 is the map interface optimization. The old map is pretty inconvenient with very few tabs. The optimized map has some new tabs for different areas, including Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

With this addition, it's easier for players to select and teleport to the wanted regions quickly. Then, you don't need to drag the map and waste your time finding the location you want to reach. This new feature is available to use after Genshin Impact maintenance today.

New Map Options
The minimap has more area tabs.

#4. New Forging & Crafting Interface

The forging and crafting features also have a new interface. In the old versions, the list of crafting items is very long because each item has a line displaying its icon, name, and details. As more items have been introduced in new updates, the list gets much longer, making it hard to locate items in the lower parts of the list.

In this new version, the forging and crafting feature only shows the icon of the item. Then, the list is much shorter. You can locate the item quickly without having to scroll down much.

New Crafting Interface
The new crafting interface makes the list shorter and easier to interact with.

#5. Shortcut Wheel Customization

The game developers also added a new feature of Shortcut Wheel Customization. It allows players on PC and PS4 to set the function button on a shortcut wheel according to their habits. The old shortcut wheel in previous versions is fixed with unchangeable contents.

But in Genshin 2.4, Genshin Impact players can customize this shortcut wheel with their favorite content. It's very convenient for players on PC and PS platforms. There are many options to pin to the shortcut wheel, but it has only eight slots. You choose your favorite function buttons for familiar entries.

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