Dream Solvent Genshin is a precious consumable item that is very useful in crafting work. With this potion, players can change the character level-up materials they get from memories and trials. Check out how to get and use this item in Genshin Impact here.

La Signora
Learn how to get and use Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact.

I. How To Use Dream Solvent In Genshin Impact

The best Genshin Impact Dream Solvent use is changing the granted character level-up materials from weekly bosses. But you need to know the process of changing the material with this consumable item. Follow this guide on how to use a Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact and get the wanted materials.

  • Go to the crafting bench.
  • Open the 'Convert' tab next to the 'Craft' tab.
  • Select the item you want to get.
  • Use the Dream Solvent and the required boss drop to convert to the material of the same boss.

You also need Mora to convert the boss drop. But keep in mind that you can only convert the material of some weekly bosses. Here are some weekly boss drops you can convert with the help of Dream Solvent.

Dream Solvent Genshin Impact
You can use Dream Solvent to convert drops of the same boss.

#1. Stormterror Drops

Dvalin is a weekly boss in Mondstadt. This giant boss has three drops, including Claw, Plume, and Sigh. These items are essential talent level-up materials for many characters, such as Jean, Diluc, Bennett, Razor, Xiangling, etc. This good dragon is one of Four Winds in Mondstadt that is tasked to protect this nation.

Dvalin's drops can be converted.

#2. Boreas Materials

Boreas is the giant wolf boss and one of the Four Winds that protect Mondstadt. You need some boss drops of this wolf to ascend the talent of many characters, such as Klee, Venti, Keqing, Mona, etc. This giant wolf will drop its tail, ring, and spirit locket. The Four Winds include four legends, including a Dragon, a Wolf, a Lion, and a Falcon.

#3. Childe Boss Drops

Childe is a weekly boss in Liyue who is difficult to defeat. His three materials for character's talent level-up are Shadow of the WarriorShard of a Foul Legacy, and Tusk of Monoceros Caeli. You can convert among them to level up talents of different characters. Childe has two phases of combat. In the second phase, he is more dangerous.

Childe Boss
You can convert Chillde's boss drops.

#4. Azhdaha Materials

Azhdaha is a giant Dragon in Liyue. Ashen HeartBloodjade Branch, and Dragon Lord's Crown are three essential drops of this big boss. You can convert among them by using the Dream Solvent. These boss drops are important to increase the talent level of Ayaka, Yanfei, Eula, Yoimiya, Kazuha, and Sayu. This giant boss is pretty hard to defeat.

#5. La Signora Boss Drops

The weekly boss La Signora will drop the Gilded ScaleHellfire Butterfly, and Molten Moment. To get a targeted item, you need to use the Dream Solvents to convert other drops. These drops are essential to level up the talent of Thoma, Kokomi, Sara, Itto, Raiden Shogun, Aloy, and Gorou. La Signora has two powerful phases of combat. You can find La Signora's domain in Inazuma.

La Signora Boss
La Signora is a powerful and dangerous boss in Inazuma.

II. Genshin Impact How To Get Dream Solvent

There are two main ways to get Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact, including Trounce Domains and rewards from Great Wolf King of the North Challenge. You also get it after completing the quest 'No Mere Stone'. Besides, Genshin Impact sometimes gives away this item on some occasions. For example, players have received a Dream Solvent on Zhongli's birthday celebration.

You will get a Dream Solvent on Zhongli's birthday.

But this item is pretty rare. Learn how to get Dream Solvents in Genshin Impact below.

#1. Trounce Domains

Trounce domains are weekly bosses domains in Teyvat. You need to defeat powerful bosses and use Origin Resin to claim rewards. There are four trounce domains, including:

  • Confront Stormterror;
  • Enter The Golden House domain;
  • Beneath The Dragon-Queller;
  • Narukami Island: Tenshukaku.
Beneath The Dragon Queller
Defeat Azhdaha in the domain 'Beneath The Dragon-Queller'.

#2. Great Wolf King of the North Challenge

Great Wolf King is a giant wolf in the north of Mondstadt. It's hard to defeat this boss but you can invite your friend to fight it off with you in the Co-op mode. The rewards can be collected once a week.

#3. No Mere Stone

This is the story quest of Zhongli. You have to reach Adventure Rank 40 and have a Story Key to unlock this quest. After completing the story quest, you will be granted a lot of rewards, including a Dream Solvent.

In addition, the Dream Solvent in the Zhongli's birthday gift was sent to your in-game mailbox. Just check the mailbox and claim the rewards. Those are things you need to know about Dream Solvent Genshin Impact.

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