The Wolf of the North Challenge is a world boss fight that you unlock after completing the “The Meaning of Lupical” story quest. You will have to fight the spirit of Andrius, Dominator of Wolves, in this challenge. This boss is quite the same as Trounce Domains but you will be fighting in a large outside arena.

1. Wolf of the North Genshin Impact location

The nearest Teleport Waypoint to the Wolf of the North Genshin challenge is the nearest Teleport Waypoint to the southwest of Mondstadt. After you get there, follow the bushy path to get to a big arena. In the middle of the arena is the key to activating the Wolf of the North Genshin challenge.

Wolf Of The North Challenge Location

2. How to defeat Wolf of the North Genshin Impact

Wolf of the North Genshin Impact is only a little bit harder than the Cryo Regisvine boss. The boss has some unique attacks patterns that you need to learn and dodge. Also, the boss will be significantly easier to defeat if you have a ranged character.

Wolf of the North Genshin Impact attacks

In Phase 1, the boss does slash attacks when you are in its melee range. These attacks are fast and it is really hard to dodge them if you are using a melee character. When you are outside of its melee range, it will perform a charge attack or sweep its tail to launch ice projectiles that explode randomly.

The Wolf Of The North Challenge In Genshin Impact

To dodge these attacks, it is best to use a ranged character and stay relatively close to the boss, just enough so you can dodge its slashes.

Occasionally, the boss will perform an ice leap into your location. The damaged area will be indicated by the ice circle on the ground. You need to dash twice in order to get out of it.

When the boss HP reaches around 50%, it will enter Interlude Phase. In this phase, the arena will be covered with icy dust and the boss will run around the edge of the arena. When it attacks, it will stop and face in your direction to charge at you. All you have to do is keep an eye on it and dash out of the way when it does it.

The Wolf Of The North Challenge In Genshin Impact
Dash sideways to dodge his charge attack.

After a short amount of time, the boss will enter Phase 2. In this phase, the boss will gain additional attacks on top of the attacks from Phase 1.

  • Icicle Storm: The boss summons random ice explosions raining down from the sky that deals Cryo damage and slow.
  • Wolf King Roar: The boss roars and deals continuous Anemo damage in a huge AOE around him.
  • Ice Waves: The boss raises his front leg, creates an ice path in front of him then releases an ice wave that deals damage.
  • Wind Blades: The boss raises his front leg, summons 3 wind vertical blades toward the players.
The Wolf Of The North Challenge In Genshin Impact
The boss will gain the Anemo power and new attacks in Phase 2.

When Anrius HP falls below 20% or when you take too long to kill him, he will summon Small Phantom Wolf that attacks the player.

Wolf of the North Genshin Impact weakness

Andrius is immune to Anemo and Cryo so these characters are not recommended. Electro and Pyro are the 2 recommended elements to deal with the boss. Pyro is the preferred choice since it deals more damage.

Amber Genshin
Amber is surprisingly effective against this boss.

Bow and Catalyst users are the best to deal with the boss since you can dodge his attack in time. Also, when the boss is in Interlude Phase, you can hit him with a charged shot with a bow.

Characters who can summon a dummy to taunt the boss such as Amber, Itto, Xiangling are very useful. Barbara and Fischl can deal quite some damage with Electro charged and Superconduct while maintaining your HP level.

The Wolf King Roar doesn't really deal a lot of damage, especially if you have a good shied/ healer so this is a good chance for you to attack the boss all you want.

There is one trick to get through Phase 1 without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is climb out of the area and use a ranged character to attack the boss. The boss won't be able to do anything.

Wolf King Boss
You can shoot the wolf from outside of the arena in Phase 1.

Genshin Impact Wolf of the North respawn

Since version 1.2, Genshin Impact Wolf of the North respawn time is 30 minutes and you can fight the boss again as soon as you defeat it. However, you can only get one treasure a week from defeating the boss.

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