Genshin slimes are normal enemies whose boss drops are essential ascension materials for some characters and weapons. You also encounter them in some temples and domains but their condensate materials only drop on the map. Check out the best locations to find slimes and get boss drops here.

Venti Slime
Learn where and how to find slimes in Genshin Impact.

I. Genshin Slimes Drops & Locations

Slimes are normal enemies that appear in many places all around Teyvat. There are seven types of slimes with different elements, including:

  • Anemo slimes;
  • Genshin Hydro slimes;
  • Cryo slimes;
  • Pyro slimes;
  • Electro slimes;
  • Dendro slimes;
  • Geo slimes.

Based on the size of the enemy, we can divide them into two further types, including big slimes and small slimes.

Pyro Slimes
There are many types of slimes in Genshin Impact.

Boss Drops

Although these slimes have different elemental skills, their boss drops are not various. Their drops only differ based on their levels. There are three types of material drops you can get from slime monsters.

  • Condensate drops from Slimes l.v 1+;
  • Secretions drops from Slime l.v 40+;
  • Concentrate drops from Slime l.v 60+.

You can also craft Secretions from Condensate items and craft Concentrate from Secretions. The levels of the enemies increase when the World Level increase. So, you need to increase your Adventure Rank to encounter Slimes at level 60 or above and get Concentrate materials.

Slimes In Quests
Defeat slimes to get condensate drops and more.

Slime Locations

Genshin Slimes appear in all four regions in Teyvat now. These bosses often appear in groups. Here are the best locations to find slimes and collect their drops. Their spawn rate in these locations is higher than in other places.

Regions Locations
  • Stormbearer Mountain
  • Cape Oath
  • Dawn Winery
  • The Shore East of Liyue
  • Taishan Mansion
  • West of Taishan Mansion
  • East of Mt. Hulao

You can also find slimes in many other locations and during time-limited challenges in Mondstadt, Liyue, Dragonspine, and Inazuma.

Anemo Slime
Slimes appear in the wild in all regions of Teyvat.

How To Find Slimes

There are certain locations where you always find mono-type slime groups. Those places are the favorite spawn locations of these slimes. In specific:

  • Anemo slimes: near Dandelions in Mondstadt.
  • Pyro slimes: near Flaming Flowers in all regions.
  • Hydro Slimes: near shallow water areas, such as small streams, under waterfalls, small ponds, lakes, and beaches.
  • Electro Slimes: near Electro Crystals and places with a high electrical concentration in Inazuma.
  • Geo Slimes: near ore deposits. They may disguise as Geo pillars.
  • Dendro Slimes: on grasslands and grassy fields in Mondstadt and Liyue.
  • Cryo Slimes: around Mist Flowers and more common in Dragonspine.

You only need to go to these locations to find slimes.

Hydro Slime
Hydro slimes commonly spawn near shallow water areas.

II. Slimes Genshin Impact Uses

Slime drops can be used to ascend characters, weapons, increase their talent level,  and craft fishing bait. You need condensate, secretions, and concentrate items as ascension and talent level-up materials for six characters now, including:

  • Liyue characters: Xiangling, Xiao, Zhongli;
  • Inazuma character: Itto;
  • Mondstadt characters: Venti, Noelle, Lisa.

You may need it for more characters released in upcoming updates. Each character needs 18 condensate items, 30 secretions, and 36 concentrate drops for full ascension. Besides, each character in this list needs 6 condensates, 22 secretions, and 31 concentrates for the maximum talent level. Therefore, try to collect as many slime condensate items as possible.

Xiao And Slime
You need to defeat slimes and collect their drops to ascend Xiao, Zhongli, and other characters.

Genshin Impact players also need to use the Slime Condensate to craft False Worm Bait. Each bait of this type requires a Slime Condensate and a Berry. You need to use this bait to catch Shirakodai and Angelfish in Genshin Impact.

III. How To Defeat Genshin Slimes

Large slimes are more dangerous and difficult to defeat than small slimes. They have hard armor that helps reduce the damage they take from your attacks. You need some tips and tricks to break the shield and eliminate them faster.

  • Break the shield on the head of large slimes by using  Claymore and Plunging Attacks.
  • Cryo and Hydro Slimes more immunes to Frozen elemental reactions.
  • Use Pyro skills to counter Electro slimes and Electro skills to deal more damage to Pyro slimes.
  • Equip some long-range characters who use bows and catalysts to deal with Anemo slimes because they can fly.
  • Leave the red warning circles on the ground to avoid the plunged attacks of large slimes.
Hit Floating Slimes
Use catalyst and bow users to counter floating slimes in Mondstadt.

Those are things you need to know about Genshin Slimes, such as their drops and locations. Try to get as many slime materials as possible for Xiao and Zhongli before their Rerun Banners in Genshin Impact 2.4.

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