It is the last day of the year already and it is also Zhongli's birthday. As usual, Genshin Impact is giving away everyone a present to celebrate this occasion. This time, they are going to give us a really valuable item that can save everyone a lot of grinding time. That's why you should really check your in-game mail right now to get it.

Genshin Impact gives players free Dream Solvent

It is a custom for Genshin Impact to give players presents when it is the birthday of a character. These presents are often food or ascension materials, which you can get easily by cooking or farming for a few minutes.

However, for Zhongli's Birthday, everyone will get a free Dream Solvent, a super rare item in Genshin Impact. The Dream Solvent can only be obtained through the Trounce Domains or the Wolf of the North boss. Another way to get it is through Zhongli’s story quest “No Mere Stone."

Zhongli Birthday
Check your in-game mail to get the Dream Solvent now.

Above are the only possible method to get the Dream Solvent in the game. The reason why it is so rare is that it is super useful. You can use the Dream Solvent to change any 5-star boss material to another one through the crafting table.

Getting the right 5-star boss material from Trounce domain bosses is very random and you will likely get the one you don't need. The Dream Solvent can solve this problem and let players upgrade talents for their characters.

Follow these steps to use the Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact:

  • Find an alchemy table and open it.
  • Choose the Convert option, which is the second tab.
  • Scroll down and find the boss materials you need from Trounce domains and click Convert.
Dream Solvent
Use The Dream Solvent to convert boss materials.

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