Guizhong Genshin Impact is a big part of Chapter I: Farewell, Archaic Lord Archon Quest in Liyue in Genshin Impact. The whole Chapter was spent for us to discover the story of Guizhong through Guizhong Genshin Impact quest. She was the Lord of Dust, Zhongli's best friend, and once the ruler of Liyue. Her tragic story was revealed through bits and pieces while you are doing the quests.

As the creator of the Guizhong Ballista and the Memory of Dust, she has a great influence on the world of Genshin Impact even though she is not around anymore. In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Guizhong Genshin Impact.

1. Guizhong Genshin Impact story

Guizhong was born before the Archon War and she created her own country of people. Later on, she met Morax a.k.a Zhongli in the middle of a field of Glaze Lilies. Guizhong gifted Morax a stone dumbbell, which is now the Memory of Dust, and the two became friends. The two, along with the adepti, created the Guizhong Ballista Genshin Impact at Tianheng Pass to protect the land. The Guizhong Ballista Genshin Impact works automatically, attacking any nearby threat.

Memory Of Dust
Guizhong gifted Morax a stone dumbbell, which is now the Memory of Dust.

With great knowledge, Guizhong Genshin Impact taught her people agriculture and helped them prosper. She called the place "the Plains of the Returning and Departing", or Guili Plains, which derived from her name and Morax's former name.

Zhongli Genshin Impact
Guizhong and Morax built Guili Assembly together.

The Guili Assembly was ruled by Guizhong and Morax along with Marchosius, God of the Stove. The Cloud Retainer, Guizhong, and Morax often ate together at Retainer's abode at Mt. Aocang.

Guizhong made the 4 commandments for her people to follow:

"To unite in ambition is to be steadfast and immovable for all time."

"Wisdom is like water, it nourishes all those who receive it and in it is a reflection of the truth."

'"Fortify the bones, that movement be supple when the time comes."

"Virtue grows tall like a tree, though there be shade it will flourish forever."

During the Archon War 3700 years ago, Guizhong died while protecting her lands, during which "black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered." As she was dying in the middle of a Glaze Lilies field, she told Morax to forget about the dumbbell she gave him and feel sorry for the end of their journey.

A flood then swept through Dihua Marsh and Guili Plains. It destroyed everything about the Guili Assembly and left only ruins. The Marchosius and the adepti helped the people to escape to a place that is the Liyue Harbor now.

2. Is Guizhong and Zhongli lovers?

Guizhong and Zhongli were incredibly close so there was definitely something deeper about their relationship when they were together. Actually, there are many mysteries in the story of Guizhong and Zhongli, including their relationship. Some players even go out on a limb saying that it was Zhongli who killed Guizhong.

Guizhong And Zhongli
Guizhong and Zhongli ha a deep relationship that is yet to be uncovered.

They became allies through the stone dumbbell gift, but according to Zhongli, they never had a formal contract. Their relationship was solely based on trust.

During the Archon War, Guizhong's fight was described with "black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered." This line heavily implied that it was Guizhong and Zhongli who fought each other with "black dust" and "a thousand rocks." People say that the "black dust" was caused by a corrupted Guizhong.

Also, Guizhong was right next to Zhongli when she died. Finally, Guili Plains was protected by 2 gods and they have advanced technology over everyone else. Soraya even says that nothing could have laid the Guili Assembly to waste and no one would be foolish enough to challenge 2 gods at the same time.

Zhongli Genshin
Zhongli has a stone-cold expression that never changed apart from one time.

According to the Archaic Petra headpiece lore, it says that Zhongli killed his "friends-turn-foes" during one of the god-eat-god battles and showed no mercy. The Mask of Solitude Basalt lore says that Zhongli never once showed any emotion with a stone-cold face. He only "lay down that visage" when "the dust has settled", which implies the death of Guizhong, the Lord of Dust.

Mask Of Solitube
Zhongli might be the one who killed Guizhong, his best friend.

But why Guizhong is corrupted? No one has a clue. We have seen the Stormterror get corrupted. From Xiao's voice line, we can tell that corruption does exist and he dealt with it in the past. It seems that the only thing we can do for an individual when they are corrupted is to kill them.

Considering how deeply they care for each other, we could say that they might have been lovers if Guizhong was still alive. Genshin impact Guizhong lullaby describes the exact relationship of Guizhong  and Zhongli, a love story with a sad ending.

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