In Genshin Impact, equipping a weapon and leveling up a character does not do enough to make your team unbeatable. The effectiveness also depends on which artifact your character has in hand.

In fact, farming artifacts is a chore that takes up a lot of time in the game. Since Genshin Impact artifact domains drop random loot, the time players need to get the set they want is different.

Better rewards are obtainable if you do the hardest domains after Adventure Rank 45, but you cannot win not knowing which domain has what to offer. To help you defeat all enemies in these challenges, here’s our guide for every artifact domain Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Artifact Domains
Here's a guide on clearing ALL artifact domains.

1. Valley Of Remembrance

  • Anemo & Healing Artifacts: Traveling Doctor, Tiny Miracle, Viridescent Venerer, Maiden Beloved
  • Location: between Dawn Winery and Dragonspine, Mondstadt
Valley Of Remembrance
The Anemo artifact domain is also the Viridescent Venerer domain, for those who want this artifact set so badly.

The physical DMG bonus that this Anemo artifact domain has is a boon for Eula as well as Keqing, Beidou, Razor, and Rosaria. Valley of Remembrance is one of the least complex domains as it does not have a negative leyline disorder effect.

The tip for this artifact domain Genshin Impact is to fight the annoying Cicin Mage first. Afterward, you can move on to destroy the Fatui Agent once he starts sneaking up on you. Meanwhile, players can use the Treasure Hoarders for on-kill buff refreshing or providing projectiles so Beidou can easily encounter them.

2. Midsummer Courtyard

  • Electro Artifacts: Adventurer, Resolution of Sojourner, Thundersoother, Thundering Fury
  • Location: Starsnatch Cliff, Mondstadt
Midsummer Courtyard
Among Genshin Impact artifact domains, Midsummer Courtyard is the only to give Electro sets.

In Midsummer Courtyard, players will fight Electric, Hydro, and Cryo foes. That’s why it is ideal to use Pyro characters. Diluc, Yanfei, Klee, Yoimiya, Hu Tao will do the best job here.

As Overloaded will trigger an Energy Blast that deals DMG to players, make sure you avoid this reaction and use Melt and Vaporize instead.

In case the incoming damage is overwhelming, you can add Zhongli, Ningguang, or Noelle to your defensive units for non-reactive shielding.

3. Peak Of Vindagnyr

  • Cryo, Hydro artifacts: Defender's Will, Gambler, Blizzard Strayer, Heart of Depth
  • Location: Dragonspine summit
Peak Of Vindagnyr Domain
Cryo artifact domain will be defeated with the use of Pyro characters.

The Peak of Vindagnyr, located on Dragonspine's peak, is the best artifact domain to farm. Although the sheer cold here is ever-present, the player can easily dominate this dungeon using enough DMG, especially Pyro.

The usual go-to's will be the Dark Knight Hero Diluc, Xiangling, Bennett, Xinyan,.., basically anyone who can fight off on Pyro elemental resonance.

Although this Cryo artifact domain gives some of the best sets that contribute to top DPS Ayaka or Ganyu, it is seen as the easiest high-tier domain.

4. Hidden Palace Of Zhou Formula

  • Pyro Artifacts: Defender's Will, Martial Artist, Crimson Witch of Flames, Lavawalker
  • Location: Wuwang Hill, Liyue
Hidden Palace Of Zhou Formula
For Pyro enemies, use Electro attacks to defeat them all!

In this artifact domain Genshin Impact, Overload will make you suffer from an explosion while Melt will aim an explosion against the opponent.

As the enemies are Mages, Slimes, and blazing Mitachurls – all belong to the Pyro element, you should use Fischl or the fan-favorite Raiden Shogun.

If Baal and Fishcl are on-field, you must use another shield-wielder like Diona or Zhongli. However, Ayaka, Rosaria, and Chongyun may work without many defensive tactics.

5. Domain Of Guyun

  • Geo Artifacts: Lucky Dog, Brave Heart, Archaic Petra, Retracing Bolide
  • Location: Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue
Domain Of Guyun artifact domain genshin impact
Vaporize and Melt will not be good to use in this domain.

This time, Vaporize and Melt elemental reactions will harm players while Superconduct can strike enemies immensely.

That’s why Kujou Sara, Ganyu, Fischl, Baal, and Ningguang mains will find this domain a piece of cake. With Ningguang, you can destroy the Ruin Hunter without having to chase or manually aim at it.

Although the last 2 Cryo Mages would tempt players to trigger Melt reaction, make sure you stick with Superconduct to break the shields fast and clean.

6. Clear Pool And Mountain Cavern

  • Physical, Burst Artifacts: Gambler, Bloodstained Chivalry, Scholar, Noblesse Oblige
  • Location: Mt. Aozang, Liyue
Clear Pool And Mountain Cavern
An artifact domain Genshin Impact that heavily relies on Geo units.

Geo units will reign supreme with their unreactive and steadfast nature. AS the leyline disorder points out, Geo characters get a 75% elemental damage buff with no negative exchange. Therefore, you can use Ningguang of any constellation to release high potent DMG or Zhongli to unleash AoEs while standing near the outer wall.

Venti can also be a powerhouse here, although the Barbatos Archon can actually sweep any domain off effortlessly. Make sure to use Swirl reaction also.

7. Slumbering Court

  • Healing, Defense Artifacts: Defender's Will, Husk of Opulent Dreams, Brave Heart, Ocean-Hued Clam
  • Location: Seirai Island, Inazuma
Kokomi Slumbering Court
Farm Ocean-Hued Clam at this very exclusive Kokomi artifact domain!

miHoYo either designs domains where the leyline and enemies join hands to beat the characters up or domains that are custom-made for a specific character to sweep through.

The latter approach applies to this dungeon which is literally called "Kokomi artifact domain". The Priestess of Sangonomiya might not be popular like other 5-stars, but any player fighting in Slumbering Court will be glad to possess her.

The new Rifthound enemies are numerous and quick, so using a Healer is a must. Also, as the leyline disorder of this artifact domain Genshin Impact grants Electro-Charged DMG, bringing a Hydro and Electro unit is highly recommended.

While Kokomi meets both of these requirements, you can also use Xingqiu or Barbara to combine with Electro vision holders. As the large Rifthound and Mitachurl appear, take down the former first. It will do you dirty if you focus on the Mitachurl instead.

8. Momiji-Dyed Court

  • Energy Artifacts: Resolution of Sojourner, Tiny Miracle, Shimenawa's Reminiscence, Emblem of Severed Fate
  • Location: Yashiori Island, Inazuma
Momiji Dyed Court Domain Rewards
Momiji-Dyed Court domain rewards

The next artifact domain Genshin Impact is the Inazuma-hailed Momiji-Dyed Court which gives an explicit buff to Cryo and Pyro characters. Just stand on the corresponding colored tile and you shall get a 60% bonus DMG. Plus, Anemo units can also perform well with Swirl.

Any 5-star Pyro and Cryo character can rip this dungeon into pieces with this buff. You can also use Bennett and his ATK or Xiangling with Guoba. Afterward, launch a burst from Kaedehara Kazuha, Venti, Sucrose, or Xiao the Yaksha to strike Overload and Swirl on the Abyss Mage and Electro Lawachurl.

This is definitely the best artifact domain to farm in Genshin Impact!

9. Ridge Watch

  • Physical, Defense Artifacts: Pale Flame, Tenacity of the Millelith
  • Location: between the Dawn Winery and Sal Terrea

Bring out your Zhongli, Ningguang, Albedo, or Geo Traveler, and just watch them put some dirt in your foes’ eyes.

On another hand, the leyline disorder in this Abyssal domain will damage enemies every time they attack the character’s shield. If you don’t have any Genshin shielders, not a problem. You can hit the Geovishaps to pick their crystallize shields up and benefit from the leyline.

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