Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine boss is one of the two Regisvine bosses. Regisvines are Whopperflowers that have been fed for a long time that they gain more elemental power but lose their ability to move. It is a hard boss if you don't know how to deal with it and its attack can deal a lot of damage.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine boss, location, how to kill it, rewards.

1. Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine location

You can find this boss in the north of Falcon Coast, Mondstadt. You can reach this boss quickly by teleporting to Temple of the Wolf and heading south to an underground cave.

Cryo Regisvine Location
You can find Cryo Regisvine near Temple of the Wolf.

2. Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine strategy

Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine has a Cryo core that is its weakness. The boss takes very little damage before the core is broken. You need to break this core to defeat the boss.

Roots Phase

When you first encounter Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine or after its head weak point is destroyed, it will enter Roots Phase. In this phase, its weak point is at its root. You can break its weak points using elemental attacks. It is best to use Pyro attacks to break them quickly. After the root weak point is destroyed, the boss will be paralyzed for a while. This is the time for you to unload all your combo into the boss.

Cryo Regisvine Weakness
The core will be at its root at the start of the fight.

Corolla Phase

After the root weakness is broken, the boss will enter Corolla Phase. After it wakes up and enters this phase, it will immediately perform a 360-degree attack so prepare your Dash or stay away.

Its weakness will move to its head, which can be hard to destroy if you don't have a bow user. You can still damage it whenever its head drops down during one of its attacks. Once you destroyed this weakness, it will be stunned again and go back to Root Phase when it wakes up.

Cryo Regisvine Weakness 2
In the second phase, its core will move to its head.

Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine attacks

The Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine boss will sweep the floor most of the time to attack you. All you have to do is the dash in the opposite direction to dodge it. This is also a common way to dodge the most boss attacks in Genshin Impact. The boss can also slam its head on the ground, summoning ice spikes. Before the boss performs these attacks, you can see it does a little animation first, so they are quite easy to dodge if you notice.

Cryo Regisvine Attacks
You can dodge most of its attacks with one dash.

When you stay far away from the boss, it will shoot Homing Icicles that follow you and 2 Ice Beams that cross each other. Same as the attacks above, you can dodge these by dashing at the right moment.

If you take too long to break the weakness of the boss, it will start a blizzard attack that summons a small Cryo explosion on the current location of the player and slightly ahead of your running direction. To dodge this attack, all you have to do is run around the arena. There is no need for sprinting or dashing.


Notice the attack animation of the boss to dodge its attack with your Dash. Get some strong Pyro characters, with a ranged character, if possible, on your team to hit the weakness of the boss. Note that, according to the shield mechanic in Genshin Impact, you just need to deal elemental damage to break the shield and the ATK of the character doesn't matter. This means even an under-leveled Amber can break the shield of this boss quickly.

Cryo Regisvine Defeat
Amber can easily break the core of the Cryo Regisvine.

Its attack deals a lot of Cryo damage but it is not hard to dodge at all if you are used to it. Defeating this boss in Co-op can be really quick since you can destroy its weakness and stun it easily with 2 people.

3. Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine rewards

The Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine boss offers items from these Artifact sets: Lucky Dog, Berserker, The Exile, Prayers to Springtime, Gladiator's Finale, Wanderer's Troupe.

You can also get different Ascension Materials for Cryo characters depending on the level of the boss:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver - Any Lv
  •  Hoarfrost Core - Lv. 30+
  • Shivada Jade Fragment - Lv. 40+
  •  Shivada Jade Chunk - Lv. 60+
  •  Shivada Jade Gemstone - Lv. 75+

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