Shields are one of the things that make monsters and bosses in Genshin Impact quite a nuisance to take down. Players were first introduced to shields with wooden shields of the Hilichurl and forward with all kinds of elemental shields from stronger enemies. Most of the time, you must destroy these shields in order to take down the bosses. But if you are not sure what are the weaknesses of those shields, it might take a while.

In this article, we will show you every Genshin Impact shield weakness so you can have an easier time breaking them.

1. Genshin Impact shield weaknesses

There are two kinds of elemental shields in Genshin Impact: Normal shields and Fatui's shields.

Normal shields block 100% damages and you won't be able to damage the HP of the enemy without breaking their shield first. They are weak to certain elements but you can also break them without exploiting their weaknesses. The right elements will deal double damage to the shield compared to other elements.

Fatui's shields are a little bit different. They only block most of the damage, meaning that you can kill the enemy without having to break their shield all the way through. Fatui's shields also have weaknesses, but it is highly resistant to all other damage types that are not their weaknesses.

Fatui Shiled Weakness
Fatui's elemental shields work differently from normal elemental shields.

Below are detailed weaknesses of specific fields in the game and how to defeat them based on these features:

Genshin Impact wooden shield Mitachurl weakness (Dendro)

Genshin Impact wooden shield Mitachurl weakness is Pyro. Their shields will be burned when contact with Pyro attacks. However, the rain and Hypro ability will extinguish a burning wooden shield. Also, these Wooden Shield only protect them from one side. That means they can still be hit by AOE abilities or attacks from behind.

Mitachurl Shield
The wooden shield can be burned with Pyro.

Genshin Impact lightning shield weakness (Electro)

Genshin Impact lightning shield weaknesses are Cryo element (Superconduct reaction). The strongest Cyro in Genshin Impact are Ayaka, Eula, Ganyu, and Diola. Pyro characters are also a decent choice to break the lighting shield with the Overloaded reaction.

Electro Abyss Mage
Cryo attacks are the most effective against Electro shields.

Genshin Impact Geo shield weakness

Geo attacks, Claymore, and an Overloaded reaction are the weaknesses of Geo shields. The new Itto character in Genshin Impact should do the job pretty well considering that he is a Geo claymore user. Zhongli's skill can also drain all the Geo shields of the maximum 2 targets instantly.

Geo Slime Genshin
A Claymore user can destroy Geo shield fairly quickly.

Genshin Impact ice shield weakness (Cryo)

Genshin Impact ice shield weaknesses are Pyro (Melt reaction). The strongest Pyro in Genshin Impact to deal with ice shields are Diluc, Hu Tao, Xiangling. These characters can deal Pyro damage continuously to wear down the shield fast.

Ice Shield Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact shield weakness of Cryo slimes is Pyro.

Genshin Impact water shield weakness (Hydro)

Genshin Impact water shield weaknesses are Cryo and an Electro-charged reaction. However, the damage of Electro-charged is really low and Cryo doesn't deal damage. The best way to break a water shield is by using a Cryo attack to freeze them and then using an Anemo attack to create a Swirl reaction.

Genshin Impact Hydrp Abyss Mage
You can use Cryo to destroy Hydro shields

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Genshin Impact fire shield weakness (Pyro)

Genshin Impact fire shield weaknesses are Hydro (Vaporized reaction). Xingqiu, Chile, and Mona should be able to take down fire shields fairly quickly.

2. Genshin Impact Abyss Lector shield weakness

Abyss Lector uses an Electro shield so their Genshin Impact shield weakness is Cryo (Superconduct reaction). If there is a Cryo enemy, you can also use the Swirl reaction to break the Abyss Lector shield. Otherwise, remember that you can still use other elements such as Pyro, Geo,... to break their shields.

Abyss Lector's attacks can reduce your Energy when hit so it is super important to dodge their attacks. You can also create a shield of your own to avoid losing Energy even if you get hit.

Abyss Lector
Abyss Lector will generate an Electro shield when its HP is low.

3. Genshin Impact Hydro Abyss Mage shield weakness

Hydro Abyss Mage has given many players a headache in the Spiral Abyss since it takes a lot of time to break their shield, plus their annoying crowd-control ability and their ability to regain the shield. Once again Cryo is your best option to deal with these guys since it is their weakness and it also freezes them.

Otherwise, any characters who can constantly deal elemental damage such as Diluc, Xiangling should do the job well. If you cannot deal a lot of elemental damage, you should try to focus them down one by one first.

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