Genshin Impact has a large beautiful world with a lot of creatures. Fox is a wild animal in many regions in Teyvat. Here are the best locations to find and catch foxes in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fox Locations

Fox is a wild animal in Teyvat. You can capture some wild foxes and add them to your Serenitea Pot by using the Omni-Ubiquity Net. There are three types of foxes in Genshin Impact with different names and appearances, including:

  • Snow Fox
  • Crimson Fox
  • Kitsune
Genshin Foxes
Genshin foxes are wild animals.

Those foxes also live in different regions in Teyvat. Here are all locations of those Genshin Impact foxes.

#1. Snow-Covered Path

The first place to find the wild fox in Genshin Impact is the north side of the Snow-Covered Path. You can find and catch Snow Foxes and Crimson Foxes in Dragonspine. You should use the character Aloy to approach them quietly. Then, aim the Omni-Ubiquity Net accurately.

Snow Covered Path
Snow-Covered Path has Snow Foxes and Crimson Foxes.

#2. Mt. Aocang

Mt. Aocang in Liyue is another place to catch foxes. You can see three Crimson Foxes near the lake in this mountain. To get to the lake, you head northwest from the Teleport Waypoint in Mt. Aocang. This wild animal is very fast. So, you should aim and release the net quickly. If your net is inaccurate, three foxes will get startled and run away.

Mt Aocang
Mt. Aocang has Crimson Foxes.

#3. Entombed City - Ancient Palace

You can find the beautiful and adorable Snow Fox on the southeast side of Entombed City - Ancient Palace. You can find some Snow Foxes there. From the Teleport Waypoint in the northeast of Skyfrost Nail, you head northeast and approach the fox quietly.

Entombed City Ancient Palace
Catch Snow Foxes near Entombed City - Ancient Palace.

#4. Inazuma City Outskirts

Kitsune is the local wild fox in Inazuma. You can find many Kitsune foxes around the suburb of Inazuma City. They spawn around the Teleport Waypoint in the city outskirts. There are often three Kitsunes here. Unlike other foxes, Kitsunes won't be startled when you get close to them.

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