Genshin Toki Alley Tales vol.2 has ten torn pages scattered around Inazuma. This book is about Tanuki's Oral History. Players need to collect torn pages of this book and match them. There are six volumes of Genshin Toki Alley Tales. Here are all 10 locations of torn pages for Vol.2 of this book.

Locations Of Genshin Toki Alley Tales Vol.2 Torn Pages

There are 10 pages torn from the book's volume 2. These collectible items are scattered in many places around Inazuma's Yashiori Island. When you approach them, you will see a glint. Here are all 10 places where you will find these torn pages of vol.2.

Torn Pages Locations
All torn pages locations on Inazuma's Yashiori Island.
  • Fort Mumei's Northwest island

There is a small island in the Northwest of Fort Mumei with a cliff and some small rocks next to the phase gate. You should go around these rocks to find a torn page. But the torn page is guarded by some Hydro Slimes. Players have to defeat them to pick up the item.

  • Fort Mumei's Southwest island

You will find another torn page on the Southwest island of this region. There are some ruined stone walls on this small island. The wanted page is hanging somewhere around these walls.

  • Nazuchi Beach

Inazuma has many islands and beaches. Sometimes, you will find some broken shipwrecked boats on those beaches, including Nazuchi beach. The collectible page is on the boat on the north side of the beach.

Nazuchi Beach
Nazuchi Beach's shipwrecked boats.
  • Musoujin Gorge

The next place to find a torn page of Genshin Toki Alley Tales vol.2 is Musoujin Gorge. You will find the NPC Ooizumi standing on the watchtower in this area. The torn page is on the top of a crate under the watchtower.

  • West Musoujin Gorge

Musoujin Gorge is a dangerous region in Inazuma with high cliffs and many Nobushi enemies roaming around. You need to defeat them to get the page on the crate behind them.

  • Fort Fujitou

The serpent's spine is a featuring terrain on the Yashiori Island in Inazuma. You can find a small patch of grass with some rocks between vertebrae. There is a torn page on those small rocks.

Toki Alley Tales
The page in Fort Fujitou.
  • Serpent's Head

Serpent's Head is a very famous location in Yashiori. There is an underground cave near Kid Kujirai. From this cave, you climb to the North and find the torn page.

  • Higi Village

Higi village near the Serpent's Head on Yashiori Island has a Statue of the Seven. Use this point to teleport there and follow the trail to the west and reach this village quickly. When you enter the village, you can easily find a torn page for Genshin Toki Alley Tales Vol.2 on a broken pillar there.

  • Jakotsu Mine

The ninth page is in the northern house in Jakotsu Mine. You can find this page on the wooden deck of the house.

Torn Page Toki Alley Tales Ii Locations
The missing page in Jakotsu Mine's wooden house.
  • Near Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki is a normal boss in Inazuma. There is a torn page near his location but you don't need to defeat this boss to collect it. You can find the page in the southwest of the boss battleground. It's on a pillar around the shrine here.

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