Genshin Impact has launched the Misty Dungeon challenge to allow players to try upcoming Rerun characters, such as Baal, Beidou, Sucrose, Tartaglia, Xingqiu, and Barbara. Here are the best teams for Thundershock and Freezing Trials.

Genshin Misty Dungeon
Complete the Genshin Misty Dungeon challenges.

I. Best Team For Thundershock Trial

The Thundershock trial is the first chamber in the Genshin Misty Dungeon event. To defeat all enemies and complete the challenge, you should build a team of four, including:

  • The Raiden Shogun/Baal;
  • Sucrose;
  • Xingqiu;
  • Barbara.

The Raiden Shogun is the main DPS and Xingqiu is a sub-DPS in this team. They can produce a powerful Electro-Charged with their bursts. Sucrose and Barbara are two supporters who have healing and elemental mastery effects.

The Raiden Shogun
The Raiden Shogun is the DPS for the Thundershock trial.

After starting the challenge, you use Baal to deal constant Electro damage to the opponents. Then, use Sucrose's skills and bursts to gather enemies. Finally, use Barbara and Xingiu's skills and bursts to heal HP for the whole team.

II. Best Team For Freezing Trial

The Freezing Trial is the second chamber after the Thundershock Trial. This chamber features three Cyro characters and three Hydro characters. The best team for this trial should include:

Ayaka and Mora are the two main damage dealers in this team. You should combine their elemental bursts to freeze a large group of enemies. Besides, Kaeya and Diona will be Energy batteries and Cryo applicants for the Cryo DPS of this team.

Build A Team Of Cyro And Hydro Characters
Build a team of Cyro and Hydro characters

You only need one Hydro character in this team. The elemental burst of this 5-star Hydro character is powerful enough to apply the Hydro element on a large enemy group. Besides, the final challenge has an Abyss Lector and two Hydro Abyss Mages who can apply Hydro element on all enemies and characters. You can easily break their shields with the Cryo skills.

III. Tips To Win Trial Challenges

There are some tips for Genshin Impact players to win all trial challenges in Misty Dungeon Realm.

  • Keep a safe distance from enemies when they use charged attacks.
  • Make a shield to protect the whole team.
  • Avoid red circles to dodge enemies' attacks.
  • Use Mona's skill to distract the opponents.
  • Get HP, stamina, and attack buffs when roaming around the dungeon realm.

Since you cannot use food to heal your health and revive characters during the trial challenges, you need to have a healer in your team and try to stay alive.

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