Arataki Itto is the newest 5-star character in Genshin Impact and is the descendant of the Crimson Oni clan. His story quest is now unlockable in the game and players can learn about the backstory of Blue Oni and Crimson Oni via this.

Paimon and the Traveler first narrated this fairy tale at the Bantan Sango agency and Arataki Itto confirmed it himself later.

Our article will shed more light on the tale of Blue Oni Genshin Impact. However, take notice that it will contain spoilers for Itto’s story quest.

Blue Oni and the clan of Itto have had a connection since the very old days. See details below.

Who is Blue Oni Genshin Impact?

According to the fairy tale, Blue Oni and Crimson Oni used to be best friends. While Crimson Oni wanted to interact with humans, Blue Oni did not have the same aspiration.

1. Blue Oni helped Crimson Oni befriend humans

In order to help his friend blend with the humans, Blue Oni deliberately acted as the villain and troubled the people. Afterward, Crimson Oni pretended to chase the Blue Oni out, which made humans accept him into their society.

Although Crimson Oni began living with humans, Blue Oni left. Crimson Oni did love companying humans but he never stopped wanting Blue Oni to return.

Blue Oni Crimson Oni Story
The crimson oni pretended to trouble humans and the blue oni came to the rescue.

2. The two clans split after clashes

In the story quest, Itto revealed that after a long time of conflicts, the Crimson Oni and Blue Oni clans separated. The former still interacts with humans but vows to never lose their self-respect. Meanwhile, the latter agrees to stay away from the humans.

After learning the truth, Paimon and Traveler joined Itto to find the culprit responsible for the mischief happening in Inazuma. The team eventually discovered Takuya, a member of the Blue Oni Genshin clan.

The future of Blue Oni in Genshin Impact

Both Crimson Oni and Blue Oni clans are still in the story of Genshin Impact but they have different conditions at the moment. The Crimson Oni managed to live harmoniously with humans, but the Blue Oni is having the hassle to survive.

The augmenting state of the Blue Oni clan led to Takuya participating as part of a tramping group of supplies.

Takuya Geshin
Takuya Genshin Impact is an NPC yet he has helped players learn more about the Oni immensely.

However, it is quite certain that the Blue Oni will flourish soon as both Granny Oni and Arataki Itto have affirmed to start their plans to assist the clan.

Currently, both Itto and Takuya Genshin Impact are in jail after the Tenryou Commission seized them in Inazuma. Users can expect to know more about the Oni clans in the following part of Itto’s Story Quest. We can look forward to its beginning after Takuya and Itto are released from jail.

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