Hangout events are interesting Story quests in Genshin Impact that focuses on 4-star characters. You will not only have amazing experiences but also earn a lot of precious rewards. Learn how to get all Genshin Impact hangout event rewards in this guide.

I. Genshin Impact Hangout Event Rewards

The Hangouts series starts in Genshin Impact 1.4. It has released four phases with different 4-star characters and many attractive rewards. Here are all characters and rewards in these Hangout events.

Hangout Series Characters
Series 1 [Version 1.4]
  • Barbara (Wellspring of Healing)
  • Noelle (Chivalric Training)
  • Chongyun (Act I: Signs of Evil)
  • Bennett (Act I: Fantastic Voyage)
Series 2 [Version 1.5]
  • Diona (Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail)
  • Noelle (Act II: Knightly Exam Prep)
Series 3 [Version 2.2]
  • Thoma (Act I: A Housekeeper's Daily Chores)
  • Sayu (Act I: Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu)
Series 4 [Version 2.3]
  • Gorou (Act I: The Canine General's Special Operations)
  • Beidou (Act I: When the Crux Shines Bright)
Open Hangout Event
Hangout events are special story quests for 4-star characters.

You will get a lot of rewards by unlocking all hangout endings apart from 100 Adventure EXP for each unlocked ending. Therefore, you can get 500-600 Adventure EXP per Act because each act has five to six endings. Besides, you can obtain special dishes, Primogems, and level-up materials.

Hangout Endings Rewards
  • Hero's Wit
  • A Specialty Dishes
  • Primogems
  • Talent Level-up Materials
  • Hero's Wit
  • Character Gem Materials
  • Primogems
  • Talent Level-up Materials
  • A Specialty Dishes
  • Hero's Wit
  • Character Gem Materials
  • Primogems
  • Talent Level-up Materials

The number of these reward items is not different but the dishes and types of materials differ with each character. For example, you will always get 20 Primogems if the unlocked ending has this type of reward. Besides, you will also get 30 Primogems from three Hangout Achievements.

Claim Ending Rewards
You can get a lot of rewards from Hangout events by unlocking all endings.

II. Genshin Impact Hangout Guide

Genshin Impact players have to unlock Hangout events to do Hangout missions and get rewards from completion. You need to reach Adventure Rank 26 to be eligible for Hangout quests. Besides, you need to complete the Prologue: Act 3 to unlock the Hangout feature.

  • Collect enough 2 Story Keys by completing Daily Commissions.
  • Select Quests.
  • Open Story Quests.
  • Choose the Hangout Tab.
  • Select the Hangout Quest and Act of the character you want.
  • Go through Hangout missions.
  • Make dialogue choices to collect different Hangout Memories and unlock all endings.

After unlocking the character's Hangout endings, you can claim rewards. In these event missions, the dialogue choice will lead to different endings and affect the result.

Dialogue Options
You need to choose different options during the dialogue with the character but don't lose all hearts.

III. Best Hangout Endings To Unlock

There are many endings to each quest, some of which are bad, some are neutral, and some are good. Here are the best Hangout endings to unlock in this game.

Characters Act Best Ending
Noelle Chivalric Training Whisper of the Paper Rose
Barbara Wellspring of Healing Taste of Hard Work
Chongyun Signs of Evil Idle Amusements
Bennett Fantastic Voyage Fortunate Outcome
Diona The Cat and the Cocktail Cat Party
Noelle Knightly Exam Prep Rest Amidst the Rocks
Thoma A Housekeeper's Daily Chores A Lingering Fragrance
Sayu Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu Like Soaring Through the Skies
Gorou The Canine General's Special Operations That's Uhh...
Beidou When the Crux Shines Bright "Flirtatious"

But you need to complete all endings to get all rewards and Hangout Memories. Go through all dialogue choices to unlock Genshin Impact Thoma hangout all endings and all Genshin Impact Noelle hangout endings as well as other characters' endings.

Collect Hangout Memories
You can get different memories and rewards after completing an ending.

How To Unlock All Endings?

You can check the hangout process and the memories you have collected. Follow these steps to check out the hangout process and unlock all endings to get all Genshin Impact Hangout rewards.

  • Open the Hangout Quest.
  • Select the Hangout event you are doing.
  • Claim rewards of the unlocked ending.
  • Click on Continue Playing.
  • Go through dialogue and choose other options.

Repeat these steps to unlock all endings. Make sure you change your options during the dialogue to lead to different endings. Sometimes, you need to give the character some ingredients. So, you should know where to farm these ingredients in the game.

Check Out The Progress
You can check out the progress of the hangout mission and continue playing to unlock other endings.

Besides, players have to keep an eye on the number of hearts in the top right corner of the screen while talking to the character. Make sure that you won't lose all five hearts or you will fail to continue the quest.

Those are all Genshin Impact hangout event rewards and endings to unlock. The game will continue to release new hangout events for other characters. Keep enjoying!

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