Onikabuto is one of the most hunted materials in Genshin Impact right now as it is required for the level-up of the new character Arataki Itto.

These electro bugs are mainly found in the Electro land Inazuma. However, spotting them in the vast open world is a tedious task and not all players know the best farming route for Onikabuto locations.

With that in mind, we will help you figure out where to get these local beetles in the fastest way possible.

Itto Onikabuto
Check out the fastest Onikabuto farming route below.

Onikabuto locations & farming route

Across the world of Teyvat, there are about 83 Onikabuto in total. You can find them in Inazuma. Compared to Sakura Bloom or Dendrobium, this beetle is a bit rarer to find.

Genshin Impact Onikabuto has a bright purple hue pattern on their back and can be seen in areas rich with electro energy. Keep your eyes on rocks and trees in the wild.

How long do Onikabuto take to respawn
Onikabuto is purple beetles you can find in Electro-loaded areas.

See the Onikabuto farming route below.

1. Narukami Island

In Narukami Island, move to Kamisato Estate teleport waypoint and climb the stairs up to the mountain.

Grab the Onikabuto while following these stairs until you reach the Court of Flowing Sand domain. Following this way and you will be able to get 5-6 Onikabuto.

Narukami Island Onikabuto
Narukami Island is one of the most abundant Onikabuto locations.

2. Kujou Encampments

For this Onikabuto location, you can begin from the teleport waypoint, walk northwest to grab 1 Onikabuto.

Afterward, head northeast, then walk north till you see the Thunder Sakura. Here you can find 2 beetles attached to the tree.

Kujou Encampments Onikabuto Farming Route
Following the Onikabuto farming route, you can also find several Onikabuto in Kujou Encampments.

3. Tatarasuna

While there are only 3 Onikabuto at this spot, the good thing is you can find them in one area. Climb a bit from the nearest teleport waypoint and it won’t take too long to get these bugs.

Tatarasuna Onikabuto
Electro beetles in Tatarasuna are not abundant, but they gather in one place.

4. Yoshiori Island

First, teleport to the marked teleport waypoint to obtain the Onikabuto from trees in the area. Next, walk north until you can see the stone lantern with an Electro Kairagi. The beetles can be found behind the stone lantern.

The last location is the Serpent Hone north of Momiji Dyed Court and Jakotsu Mine. As both of these pins are quite far from the teleport waypoint, it’s optional to collect these bugs.

Yoshiori Island Onikabuto locations
Make sure you come back to these places to efficiently farm the Onikabuto.

Notice: How long do Onikabuto take to respawn? Onikabuto respawns in about 2-3 real-world days. Make sure you come back to the above locations in order to maximize your farming.

Can you buy Onikabuto Genshin Impact?

While you can get 79 Onikabuto in nature, the other 4 Onikabuto can be collected if you speak to Shouta in Inazuma City.

However, you can only do this to get Onikabuto once. You can find Shouta in front of a shrine east of Inazuma City's Teleport Waypoint.

Instead of buying, players can talk to Shouta and he will give you 4 Onikabuto.

Onikabuto Genshin Impact uses

At the time of writing, Onikabuto is used in Arataki Itto ascension and the recipe to create Electro Treasure Compasses. Whether it will further be used for other purposes is currently unclear and we will update this down the road.

1. Ascension material

168 of any materials are needed for any Genshin Impact character to reach Ascension 6. Every player should take their chance and start farming early.

The 5-star Geo Claymore wielder has undoubtedly struck a huge impression on fans with his damage-dealing skills and those who love him will want to know which materials are needed for his maximum level. Let's take a quick look:

Level Ascension Materials
20-40 Prithiva Topaz Sliver ×1
Slime Condensate ×3
Onikabuto ×3
40-50 Prithiva Topaz Fragment ×3
Slime Condensate ×15
Onikabuto ×10
Riftborn Regalia ×2
50-60  Prithiva Topaz Fragment ×6
Slime Secretions ×12
Onikabuto ×20
Riftborn Regalia ×4
60-70 Prithiva Topaz Chunk ×3
Slime Secretions ×18
Onikabuto ×30
Riftborn Regalia ×8
70-80 Prithiva Topaz Chunk ×6
Slime Concentrate ×12
Onikabuto ×45
Riftborn Regalia ×12
80-90 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone ×6
Slime Concentrate ×24
Onikabuto ×60
Riftborn Regalia ×20

2. Electro Treasure Compass material

A Treasure Compass will lead you with a golden wind-looking effect to detecting closeby unclaimed Treasure Chests. An Electro Treasure Compass is only accessible in Inazuma and you will need these components to craft one:

  • Golden Raven Insignia ×10
  • Onikabuto ×30
  • Crystal Chunk ×50

Besides, players have to reach Reputation level 9 in Inazuma in order to unlock the Blueprint needed for the Electro Treasure Compass.

If players can find a Treasure using this tool, its cooldown time is 30 seconds. However, if there is no Treasure Chest nearby, the Compass only needs 5 secs to reset.

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