Genshin Impact is one of the best mobile games ever released, pushing the boundary of what is considered a good game on Android. However, the game is also pretty demanding - you need a high end phone to be able to enjoy the world of Teyvat. Not all gamers can get access to a good phone, therefore, in this article, we are going to showcase the best games like Genshin Impact for low end Android.

Before going into details, we would like to explain the genre of Genshin Impact so you know the exact type of games you're looking for. So, what are games like Genshin Impact called?

Overall, Genshin Impact is categorized as an open-world action-adventure game with hack and slash combat. It's also mentioned as an action role-playing game where players see the world from the perspectives of fictional characters.

Now when you're clear about this genre, here is the list of open world games like Genshin Impact for low-end Android devices.

Genshin x Honkai
Honkai Impact just had a recent collaboration with Genshin, adding Fischl to their Valkyrie roster.

1. Honkai Impact 3rd

If you are looking for free games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, a title from the same developer miHoYo, is probably your best bet. It's pretty much Genshin without the open-world exploration part.

Honkai Impact 3rd has players control a team of up to three characters, known as "Valkyries", in real-time combat against various enemies. Each character has unique attacks, skills, ultimate, with customizable weapons and equipment. Similar to Genshin, players can switch in and out between characters in the middle of combat.

Honkai combat
Honkai combat is pretty much the same as Genshin, with the same Skill and Ultimate system.

The game is notable for incorporating a variety of genres. Players can find elements of hack and slash, bullet hell, platforming... across multiple single and multiplayer modes. Honkai is optimized really well and can run on a weaker phone without any problems. This is why Honkai is the top choice amongst games like Genshin Impact for low end Android.

2. Punishing: Grey Raven

Punishing: Grey Raven is another game to try out if you like Genshin Impact combat. It is regarded as a Honkai clone, where you also use a squad of up to 3 characters (called "constructs") to engage in hack & slash action combat.

However, unlike Genshin, Punishing: Grey Raven has a special "orb based" action system, where players have to chain orbs of the same color to fire one of the character's 3 skills. Performing a perfect evade also triggers a bullet time interaction, which Honkai doesn't have.

Punishing: Grey Raven
Punishing: Grey Raven has very similar gameplay to Honkai and Genshin.

Outside of the above details related to game mechanics, the rest of Punishing Grey Raven is about the same as Honkai and Genshin. The equipment system and Gacha mechanics are very similar too.

Evading attacks will consume stamina, which prevents players from freely dodging all the time. Furthermore, there is also a pity system that guarantees a character after a number of pulls.

Combat wise, PGR is probably one of the best games like Genshin Impact for low end Android.

Punishing Grey Raven
Punishing Grey Raven's combat system focuses on chaining orbs, which is rather unique amongst hack and slash games.

3. Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is an adventure RPG game with some of the best gameplay you could get on mobile. Unlike Genshin, it is a premium game... however, you won't have to pay anything after the initial purchase. This is the best choice if players are looking for open world games for Android like Genshin Impact.

Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters Stories is like a hybrid of Pokemon and Genshin Impact, with the same open world exploration.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward and simple, with players assuming the role of a Rider who befriends monsters by stealing eggs and hatching them. Afterward, players can ride their monster companion to explore the overworld and complete quests.

If you love simple adventure games with an engaging story and high-quality graphics, Monster Hunter stories will not disappoint you. Furthermore, as the game is made by Capcom, one of the biggest gaming corporations, you can expect high-quality animations, gameplay, and graphics.

Riding dinosaur
Riding dinosaurs while exploring a vast open world.

4. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, released in December 2017. It is based on the anime and manga series Sword Art Online. Integral Factor is very similar to Genshin Impact in both combat and exploration, as players can explore a vast world with multiple floors inside the tower of Aincrad. It is one of the best anime games for Android in 2021.

However, unlike Genshin, it is not a solo experience. Integral Factor is a mobile MMO, where players need to work with others to clear all 100 floors of the tower.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor
Sword Art Online Integral Factor would definitely catch your interest, especially if you are an anime fan.

Furthermore, players only control 1 character in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. They can fight using several different types of weapons, ranging from sword, rapier, dagger, mace, bow, axe, spear.

Users can equip up to 4 active skills and various passive skills to power themselves up in combat. Potions can also be used to heal up in battle.

combat system
SAO's combat system is nowhere near as exciting as Genshin or Honkai, but at least it is easier.

Skills are classified with rarity based on their number of stars. They can be obtained by buying Orders from the shop or as rewards from quests or special events. Overall, it is the easiest title to play amongst games like Genshin Impact for low end Android.

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