When you start your first steps into the world of Genshin Impact, you can be overwhelmed with all the elements, mechanics, and characters. After the first few quests, you will get yourself a full team of default characters given by the game so there is nothing to think about.

However, as you find out about the banner system in Genshin Impact and start wishing in the banner, you will gradually get more characters than you need for your party. This is where things get complicated. Since your characters pool is still very limited, you will have to learn how to do your own Genshin Impact Party Setup to maximize your power until you get better characters. Here is a simple Party Setup guide for you to quickly assemble your best team.

1. Genshin Impact Party Setup Guide

It is hard to give everyone the best party setup Genshin Impact since each player has different characters. Here, we will show you the most important criteria you should consider when building the Genshin Impact best party setup for beginners. It doesn't matter which characters you have, if you follow this guide, you will be able to bring out your best party.

Genshin Impact Razor
For F2P players, Razor is a decent 4-star character to be your main DPS.

1. Find your strongest Main DPS

Every party in Genshin Impact requires and is built around the main DPS. This character will be the one you use most of the time on the field in combats and you will be putting most of your resources into them. The Beginner's Banner should give you some decent 4-star character to use as your main damage dealer.

You also have a 100% chance to get Noelle, a decent damage dealer, from this banner, so there's no need to worry too much. If you have a 5-star character (other than your default character) then use them as your main DPS.

You can also check out some Genshin Impact characters tier lists to see which of your characters can be your main DPS.

Genshinimpact Reveal Sayu
Sayu has good damage, a healing ability, and even mobility to travel faster.

2. Fill your teams with supporting characters

Typically, you would want at least another damage dealer in your team to increase damage output or just in case your main damage dealer dies.

Next, consider having a supporting character and a Genshin healer. These characters mostly have skills that linger even when you switch characters and heal your main character in critical moments. There are a lot of options for you to choose from such as Sayu, Barbara, Qiqi,...

3. Consider the elemental combinations in your team

One very important aspect you need to take care of is the elemental combinations in your team. Normally, you would want 4 different elements in your party. While you still have some bonus for using characters with the same element, you can't create elemental reactions this way.

For example, if you have Diluc as your main DPS, then Bennet will be abundant in the same party. Having strong elemental reaction combos such as Melt or Vaporize within your party will significantly increase your damage output.

Elemental Reactions
Try to make some elemental reactions to increase your damage output.

4. Use various weapon types

Generally, it a great to have a Claymore user in your team to break heavy shields and a bow user to hit enemies from far away. As for the other 2 characters, you can use whatever you want.

2. Best 4-Star Characters For Party Setup F2P

If you are a beginner or a F2P player then it is likely that most if not all your character are 4-star characters. Thanks to the Pity system in Genshin Impact, you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character after 89 rolls in the same banner.

However, until then, make sure you make the most use out of your best 4-star characters. Here is the list of the best 4-star character for your Genshin Impact best party setup F2P:

  • Best Main DPS characters: Razor, YanFei, Noelle, Rosaria, Ningguang
  • Best Sub DPS characters: Rosaria, YanFei, Fischl, Sayu, Xiangling
  • Best Support characters: Sayu, Barbara, Xingqiu, Kujou Sara, Bennet

3. Bonus Tips For Beginners To Become Stronger

There are tons of ways to improve your power in Genshin Impact. Other than a good Genshin Impact party setup, these are the 2 most important things that new players need to do first.

Enhance your weapons

It is good to invest in a good weapon since you can always give it to a new stronger character if you find one. Even if you don't have the best characters in GEnshin Impact, good weapons will help you a great deal.

Weapon Wish Banner
It is safe to invest in weapons as a beginner.

Use and upgrade Artifacts

Artifacts are items that can give your characters a significant amount of stats and bonus effects. Same as weapons, you can give your Artifacts to other characters so you don't really lose anything investing in them.

You could also refer to Genshin Impact character level up chart to know which ascension materials you need to collect for your main DPS and healers in the team.

Artifact Genshin
Artifact can provide your character a great stats boost.

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