The bow is one of the two long-range weapons in Genshin Impact. They have the ability to fire off powered attacks that deal elemental damage when fully charged. Currently, there are 9 bow users in the game, five 5-star and four 4-star. In this article, we are going to showcase the Bow users Genshin Impact tier list 2021, from best to worst.

Honorable mentions: Gorou is the only revealed character amongst upcoming bow users Genshin Impact. He is a 4 star Geo character.

1. Ganyu

Not many characters in Genshin can compare to Ganyu skills in the ranged damage department. She can continuously dish out a great amount of AOE damage using Frostflake arrows. With her high base Crit damage and multiple AoE skills, she can deal excellent damage even at C0.

Ganyu Ulti
Her Elemental Burst, Celestial Shower is the ultimate skill that causes huge damage to enemies in an AOE.

Ganyu is also an excellent sub-DPS as well. Her Elemental Burst packs some serious damage and has great uptime - Ganyu can keep it up 100% during combat, apply Cyro endlessly to foes. This ability is the reason Ganyu is amongst the best bow users in Genshin Impact.

Amos' bow is the best weapon for DPS Ganyu.

2. Venti

Venti is an Archon, one of the gods in the world of Genshin Impact... and that's enough reason for him to be broken. His Elemental Burst is one of the best crowd control in the game, with the ability to group up enemies and absorb elements. He completely dominates in fights with smaller enemies.

Venti Genshin Impact
Venti is the best support amongst bow users Genshin Impact.

With the right bow, Venti can also deal massive damage, even without his constellations unlocked. His naturally high energy regeneration makes him an excellent battery for the team.

The best bow for Venti is the Elegy for the End.

3. Tartaglia (Childe)

Tartaglia or Childe is a rather special bow user - he can switch from ranged to melee with his elemental skill. In exchange for his mediocre ranged damage, he can deal absurd damage by switching to melee. His AOE hits are one of the best, especially when paired with a crowd control character like Venti or Kazuha.

Tartaglia is one of the most unique characters in the game.

Tartaglia has a critical weakness, however. All his kit revolves around his Elemental Skill, yet his skill's maximum cooldown is the longest in the game. This is why he is not on the top of this list.

The best bow to equip on Childe is the Thundering Pulse.

4. Diona

Diona is probably one of the best support in the game. Aside from dealing damage, there is nothing in the game she can't do. Diona's kit has heal, shield, cleanses, and even ally buffs. Her constellation (C1, C2 and C6) increases her supporting ability even further by buffing team damage.

Diona Genshin Impact
Diona is the best healer and shielder amongst bow users Genshin Impact.

However, Diona has a lot of weaknesses in exchange for her power. Despite having HP scaling on all parts of her kit, Diona has one of the lowest base HP in the game. Her ascend bonus stat (Cryo Damage) is also pretty useless for support.

The best bow for Diona is the Sacrificial bow. It gives her a chance to recast her ability.

5. Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a pretty divisive character amongst the Genshin Impact fanbase. Despite being Pyro with good stats and skill, her Elemental Burst is out of place and does not fit her playstyle as main DPS at all.

Yoimiya Genshin Impact
Yoimiya is a support/DPS hybrid.

However, if built right, Yoimiya can still deal some serious damage. Her Pyro Vision, her high attack stats, and her scalings are more than enough for that purpose. You can have her as sub DPS for other characters like Ganyu or Xingqiu.

The best bow for DPS Yoimiya is the Thundering Pulse.

6. Aloy

Since Aloy is a free character with no constellation, many players underestimated her power. She actually does pretty well as a Sub-DPS, with a spamable Elemental Burst. This allows Aloy to deal a lot of damage with low energy requirements.

Aloy Genshin Impact
Aloy is the only collaboration character amongst bow users Genshin Impact.

Aloy's Elemental Skill, however, is fairly underwhelming. It has a long cooldown, which makes her one of the worst Cryo appliers in game. You usually need to run another support like Kazuha or Sucrose to help her get enough stacks for Rushing Ice State.

The best bow for Aloy character build is again the Thundering Pulse.

7. Fischl

Fischl has a good kit, however, she is held back by her underpowered Electro Vision. Her gameplay revolves around her familiar Oz and how she keeps it on the field. As her Elemental Skill and Burst persist after swap, she is a decent sub DPS support and can easily apply Electro for elemental reactions.

Fischl Genshin
Fischl has great design, however, her Electro vision is not good enough.

The biggest weakness of Fischl, however, is her inability to deal damage to multiple targets. It would take a long time to clean up mobs without proper support.

Skyward Harp is the best bow to use on Fischl.

8. Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara is hard to use but does not give enough benefit to make up for that. You must keep switching her in and out repeatedly every 6 seconds to apply her buff. While you can fix that with constellations, proper support like Bennett is still better than her.

Kujou Sara Genshin Impact
Kujou Sara has the same weakness as Fischl, however, she can't even deal damage properly.

Damage-wise, she can't really do much with her Electro vision. While Sara can do more damage than the usual support, that's not enough to have her as the main DPS.

The best weapon to use on Sara is the Elegy for the End.

9. Amber

Amber is the first starter unit of Genshin Impact and is adored by the community as a mascot. When it comes to combat, she is amongst the weakest bow users Genshin Impact. Her charged attack lacks the AoE damage while her Burst doesn't deal enough.

Furthermore, her Pyro application is also too minor to be useful. While her kit can be improved with constellations, you probably can't get them as Amber only shows up in the standard banner.

Amos' Bow is the optimal weapon to use for Amber best build.

Amber Genshin Impact
Amber is one of the weakest characters in the game.

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