Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net is a new gadget in version 2.3. It's introduced in the recent event 'Bantan Sango Case Files'. But you can use it for other purposes in this game. Check out how to get and use this gadget here as well as all achievements you can get now.

I. How To Get Genshin Impact Ubiquity Net

Ubiquity Net is only available to buy from Wakamurasaki. Wakamurasaki Genshin Impact location is near the Fishing Association in Inazuma. This NPC will sell you 5 Omni-Ubiquity Nets per week. Each net costs you 10,000 Mora.

You can find Wakamurasaki near the Fishing Association in Inazuma.

You can find Wakamurasaki when doing the Omni Ubiquity Net world quest in Inazuma. Make sure that you have reached Adventure Rank 30 and unlocked Inazuma.

Follow these steps to complete Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net quest and unlock this useful gadget in the latest update:

  • Complete the event 'Complete the Bantan Sango Case Files'.
  • Go to meet Sango and talk to her.
  • Look for Wakamurasaki near the Fishing Association.
  • Capture small animals with an Omni-Ubiquity Net.
  • Report back to Wakamurasaki.
  • Come back to see and talk to Sango.

An Omni-Ubiquity Net is a 3-star gadget in Genshin Impact. This little gadget is created by a friend of Sango in Inazuma. You can use it to capture animals but this gadget cannot be used to capture bosses and monsters.

Net In The Event
The net was introduced in the recent event 'Bantan Sango Case Files'.

After completing the world quest, you will get 10 nets, 3 Hero Wits, and 30000 Mora. The animal capturing feature is unlocked after you complete this world quest. Before you finish all the tasks, you will encounter the problem of Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net not working.

II. How To Use Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net

Ubiquity Net is an important gadget in the event 'Bantan Sango Case Files'. You need it to capture and rescue small animals in different locations of event missions. Besides, players can also use this net to stun Canine Bunshin. In specific, when you hit warrior dogs with this net, they cannot move in a short time.

Aim And Release The Net
You can use this new gadget to capture animals.

After this event, you can still use this gadget to capture other animals in Teyvat to place them in the Teapot Realm. Here are all Genshin Omni Ubiquiti Net animals that you can capture:

  • Birds: pigeons, finches, violet ibis, and crow;
  • Beasts: kitsune, foxes, squirrel, snow boars, cats, and weasels;
  • Crystalflies and other creatures like loach, crab, frog, lizard, and unagi.
Add Animals To The Serenitea Pot
Place captured animals in the Teapot Realms.

To use the Omni-Ubiquity net in Genshin Impact, you need to equip it. Follow these steps to equip and use the net here:

  • Buy the net from Wakamurasaki.
  • Open the Inventory.
  • Navigate the net in your inventory, select it, and tap on the Equip button under the gadget details.
  • Close the tab and the net will appear on the screen. Tap on it and the net will replace your elemental skill button.
  • Hold the net button and aim to the target you want to capture.
  • Release the button to capture the animals and creatures you want.
Equip The Net To Use
Equip the net to use.

It's very easy to catch small animals with this net. You only need to aim accurately at the body of the animal to capture them. It's harder to capture birds because they often fly away when you get close to them. So, you should approach them carefully and quietly.

III. Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquiti Net Achievement

There are many achievements you can unlock when using the Omni Ubiquiti Net in Genshin Impact 2.3. Here are all available Omni Ubiquiti Net achievements in Genshin Impact now.

  • Trying to Tame Me?

To get this achievement, Genshin Impact players need to capture any wild animal in Teyvat with the net. These captured wild animals can be added to Serenitea Pot as furnishings. You can check out the animals you have captured in the Archive section under the Living Beings section.

Trying To Tame Me
'Trying To Tame Me' achievement gives players 5 Primogems.
  • The Net Closes In

The next achievement you can get when using Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net is 'The Net Closes In'. You need to capture a Finch to get this achievement. You can see them in many places in Teyvat, especially in Liyue. There are four types of Finch in this game, including:

  • Crimson Finch
  • Emerald Finch
  • Snow Finch
  • Golden Finch

You can get many Emerald Finch birds at the adventurer camp on the northeast side of Liyue Harbor. You should make use of Aloy's role to capture these small birds due to her passive talent - 'Easy Does It'.

The Net Closes In Achievement.
  • Not Flyin' Away This Time!

When you capture Crystalflies by using Omni Ubiquity Net, you can get the achievement of "Not Flyin' Away This Time!" There are four types of Crystalflies now, including Anemo, Cryo, Electro, and Geo Crystalflies.

You should use Sayu to capture them more easily because her 'Yoohoo Art: Silencer's Secret' passive skill makes those creatures less startled when you approach them.

Net Achievement
Capture Crystalflies with Sayu's talent.

Those are things you need to know about Genshin Impact Omni Ubiquity Net. Use it to capture animals for your Teapot realm or collect cooking ingredients.

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