Co-op mode in Genshin Impact allows players to join with other online gamers to clear domains, defeat bosses, and more. But there are some secret co-op rules that only veterans in Genshin Impact know. Check out these tips to play co-op well and have the best experience in this role-playing game.

#1. Ask For Permission Before Farming Materials

Genshin Impact players can enter other players' worlds to collect materials and cooking ingredients. When you have collected all ingredients in your world and need more materials, you can ask for permission to get them from the game world of other players. But make sure that you get their approvals.

It's very impolite when you collect materials and ingredients without the world owner's permission. The world owners can kick you out of their world and Teapot realm if you don't behave well and make them annoyed.

Join Other Worlds To Farm Materials
Join other worlds to farm materials

#2. Stick To Your Teammates

When you team up with other players in the co-op mode to eliminate bosses, monsters, and do missions, you need to stick to your teammate. You can only use one or two characters when co-operating with one or two other players.

It's very risky and dangerous when you go alone. If you encounter a dangerous boss, you may be killed easily. Moreover, you have to go with your teammates to have a strong team and complete missions quickly.

Genshin Impact Coop Mode
Go with teammates in coop mode.

#3. Be Patient When Building Team For Temples

When you are the host of a co-op team, you need to be patient and let other players choose the best characters for the team. Building a strong team before entering a temple challenge is very important.

Your characters and teammates' characters should match well and support each other. Since two characters will fight together in the co-op mode, they can combine their elements to make the best elemental reactions and resonances.

Wait For Other To Choose Characters
Wait for others to choose characters for the best party setup.

#4. Choose Proper Characters

Apart from elements, co-op players need to choose proper players with all necessary roles. You need to choose a DPS and a supporter in your duo. Discuss with teammates to equip different characters for your team.

Each team needs at least one DPS. If you don't have any DPS characters, ask your teammate to select the best DPS from his character collection. Then, you can choose a sub-DPS to support his DPS. Don't forget to recruit a useful supporter and a healer.

Try To Build A Strong Team
Try to build a strong team.

#5. Wait For Teammates To Enter Chambers

If you are the host, always wait for all teammates to enter the chamber. When the challenge starts, the chamber will be locked by a shield. If other players are not in the chamber before the host starts the challenge, they will be blocked outside the chamber.

If you are an invited player, get ready and enter the chamber quickly before the challenge starts. Don't make others waste their time waiting for you. It's one of the most important secret co-op rules in Genshin Impact.

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