Many Genshin Impact players have obtained the new companion Kageroumaru from The Bantan Sango Case Files event. But they still don't know how to invite him to their teapot realm. Check out this guide on how to add this new companion to your Serenitea Pot.

I. How To Get Kageroumaru Pet

Kageroumaru is a new companion in Genshin Impact 2.3 that is totally different from previous pets in the Serenitea Pot. You need to complete all the event missions in The Bantan Sango Case Files event. It's not very easy to complete these rescuing jobs because those warrior dogs are very smart and powerful

Complete The Final Domain Challenge In The Bantan
Complete the final domain challenge in The Bantan Sango Case Files event.

In the final mission of the event, Traveler needs to talk to Ryuuji and pursue Kageroumaru. Then, try to defeat him in the nearby Canine Path domain. This pet has powerful plunged attacks marked by red circles on the ground. You need to evade these warning areas.

It's not hard to defeat the warrior dog Kageroumaru. But you need a strong team to take the opponent down quickly. After completing the domain challenge, the special companion will be added to your Teapot realm inventory automatically.
Get The New Pet
The new pet will be sent to your realm inventory.

II. How To Add Kageroumaru To Teapot Realm

When the warrior dog Kageroumaru is already in your inventory, you can add him to your realm. Here is how to add this new companion to your realm teapot.

  • Launch the game on your devices.
  • Open Serenitea Pot by using the Teapot or quick Waypoints in the mini-map.
  • Tap on the finger icon on the top bar of the screen.
  • Go to the Animals section in the Furnishing bar.
  • Place him in the wanted place in your Teapot realm.

Keep in mind that that this companion cannot follow your characters in their journeys in Teyvat. It can only stay in the Teapot Realm. But this new pet will have more interactions with your characters. Moreover, he has a totally unique appearance that is very different from previous dog pets in Genshin Impact.

New Pet
It can only stay in the Teapot Realm.

After adding Kageroumaru to your Teapot Realm, you will get 100 Adeptal Energy to interact with the pet and make them do interesting animations. For example, when you use a normal attack to hit Kageroumaru, the pet will do a backflip. When the idle animations of Kageroumaru include wagging his tail and jumping.

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