Genshin Impact 2.3 is coming soon with a lot of new features and additions to the Serenitea Pot. As leaked, a new Sakura tree finishing and a dog companion are coming to this update. Check out these additions to Serenitea Pot 2.3 below.

Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot 2.3 New Sakura Tree

In the next update, there will be a new Sakura Tree furnishing that looks like the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma. But you need to reach level 50 at the Sacred Sakura Tree to get this reward. This is a stunning Sakura Tree will create a beautiful sound when the wind blows through it.

New Sacred Sakura Tree
New Sacred Sakura Tree in Serenitea Pot.

To place this outdoor furniture on the Serenitea Pot realm, you have to have a 550 load cost and a large space on the land. Players have to work hard, explore Inazuma, open chests, and collect all Electro Sigils from these chests.

Besides, go to collect all Electroculus to upgrade the Statue of Seven in this nation. You will also get a lot of Electrol Sigils from these statues.

Sacred Sakura Tree
You need to upgrade the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma to level 50.

New Dog Companion In Serenitea Pot 2.3

Serenitea Pot also has many animals, such as cats, hounds, boars, and cranes, but they are finishing animals. In the upcoming update, there will be a companion dog that will follow players when they enter the Serenitea Pot. His name is Kageroumaru. This companion will have more interactions with players than other furnishing animals.

Kageroumaru is a new dog in the next update.

Your faithful watchdog will protect your land when you are away from home to explore Teyvat. Kageroumaru has a professional appearance with a hat on his head like a samurai. This adorable and cool pet will be the reward from the event quest 'Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog' in the next update. After completing this quest, you can unlock and get this dog in your Serenitea Pot.

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