Tsurumi Island is the new island in Inazuma. This island has seven stone slates that are important to unlock underground ruins on this island. Here are all Ishine Script Stone Slate locations on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. Go to these places and collect these stone slates.

#1. Ishine Script Stone Slate Locations

Stone slates are stored inside Exquisite Chests in different places on Tsurumi Island. You need to use the Electro element to activate two bird statues and the floor puzzle. After solving the puzzle, gamers will get an Exquisite Chest that contains many rewards and a Stone Slate.

  • Chirai Shrine: It is the first location of the stone slate on Tsurumi Island. There is a teleport waypoint near the Shrine to let players move to this location quickly.
Chirai Shrine
There is a stone slate in Chirai Shrine.
  • Moshiri Ceremonial Site: There are two Ishine Script Stone Slate locations in the North and South of the Moshiri Ceremonial Site on Tsurumi Island.
Moshiri Ceremonial Site
You can find two stone slates in Moshiri Ceremonial Site.
  • Mt. Kanna: This Mount is in the center of this island. From the Moshiri Site, you head west to the entrance of this Mount and you will find the glowing bird statues a big tree.
  • Shirikoro Peak: You will find a teleport waypoint on this peak. You will find two stone slates near the teleport waypoints and in the Northwest of this peak.
Shirikoro Peak
There are two stone slate locations around Shirikoro Peak.
  • Autake Plains: The last stone can be obtained from the southwest of Autake Plains. You can use the teleport waypoint in Wakukau Shoal to get there faster.

Use the teleport waypoints around these spots to get to these locations quickly. Then, solve all puzzles to get the chest and seven stone slates from these chests.

All Stone Slate Locations
All stone slate locations on Tsurumi Island.

#2. How To Get Stone Slates

To get the chest from all Ishine Script Stone Slate locations on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma, you need to solve some puzzles. Follow these steps to solve puzzles and open the chest.

  • Find the statue of Thunder Bird at the locations of Stone Slates. You can follow the Electro Seelies to find the bird statues.
  • Scan the Thunder Bird statues with the Electro element. So, you need an Electro character, such as Baal in Genshin Impact.
  • Activate the Ishine Script puzzle and match symbols on the floor and the stone outside. These symbols will light up in order. You need to hit the stone of symbols in the right order you have seen on the floor to solve it.
Hit The Stone In Order
Hit the stone in order.

You need to note the symbol in the right order down on a paper or remember it to match them correctly. The orders of Ishine Script symbols in seven locations are not the same, but these puzzles are not difficult to solve.

#3. Stone Slate Rewards

After solving all stone slate puzzles, you will get an Exquisite Chest that contains 5000 Mora and a Stone Slate. There are seven locations of Stone Slate with seven chests, so you will get 35,000 Mora.

After collecting enough seven Stone Slates, you use them to unlock the Underground Mural of Chirai Shrine and Shirikoro Peak. Besides, you can get 5 Primogems from the Achievement of Seven Letters.

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