Battle Of Revenge Genshin Impact is an important world quest in Inazuma. You can get a lot of rewards after completing this hidden quest. Players will have more experiences in this nation with the Battle of Revenge. Check out the Battle Of Revenge Genshin location, walkthrough, and rewards here.

Asakura Genshin Impact
You need to meet the NPC Asakura Genshin Impact in Inazuma to receive the quest.

I. Battle Of Revenge Quest Location & Requirements

Asakura Genshin Impact has discovered the whereabouts of Kairagi in Inazuma and will give you the Battle of Revenge quest in Inazuma City.

Players have to reach Adventure Rank level 30 and complete the daily commission of 'An Art To Be Honed' four times to unlock the Battle Of Revenge world quest.

Battle Of Revenge Locations
This is the starting location of the Battle Of Revenge quest where you meet the NPC and get the quest.

It's very easy to complete this world quest. You don't need to solve any puzzles or explore any secret locations. You only have to clear some enemies to complete this quest.

Follow these steps and complete all quest objectives of Battle Of Revenge below.

  • Talk to Asakura in Inazuma City.
  • Defeat the Kairagi, including a Nobushi Kikouban, two Nobushi Hitsukeban, and five Nobushi Jintouban.
  • Head to the Kairagi Camp.
  • Defeat the Kairagi leader's subordinates.
  • Talk to Asakura to report the quest.

After reporting the quest result to Asakura, you will get the quest rewards. During the quest, you need to complete some dialogues. But your options during these conversations won't affect the quest result.

An Art To Be Honed
You need to reach AR level 30 and have completed the daily commission of 'An Art To Be Honed' four times.

II. Battle Of Revenge Genshin Achievement

After completing the battle and reporting the result to Asakura, the quest rewards will be sent directly to your wallets and inventory. Here are all rewards for Battle Of Revenge Genshin.

  • 100 Adventure EXP;
  • 30,000 Mora;
  • 3 Hero's Wit character enhancement books.

This hidden quest is a secret achievement for those who have completed the 'An Art To Be Honed' daily commission four times. If you haven't met the requirements, just work harder to travel to Inazuma and unlock this world quest. This quest also rewards you with 20 Reputation rewards at the Kamisato Estate for completion.

20 Reputation Rewards At The Kamisato Estate
Players will also get 20 Reputation rewards at the Kamisato Estate for completing this quest.

III. Best Characters For Quest Completion

The hardest part in Battle Of Revenge Genshin Impact is battling with the Nobushi group. They are not among the most dangerous bosses in Genshin Impact Teyvat, but these Nobushi warriors are more dangerous and powerful when they gather together. Therefore, you need at least one DPS character in your team to defeat these Nobushi warriors faster to complete the quest faster.

Battle Of Revenge Genshin Enemies
You need to defeat some Nobushi enemies in this quest.

Here are some characters you should use in the Battle Of Revenge Genshin Impact to complete this quest faster.

  • DPS characters

You should choose a Cyro DPS, such as Ganyu and Eula to defeat Nobushi because they appear near the water. Control your character to lead them to the water area to make them wet. Then, use the elemental bursts of these Cryo DPS fighters to freeze them with the Frozen reaction.

You can also combine a Cryo DPS to freeze enemies and a Pyro DPS to break them, such as Diluc or Yoimiya. If you have built Baal's DPS role, she will be the best option in your team.

Burn Enemies Out
Burn enemies out with Yoimiya's elemental burst.
  • Supporters/ Healer

As you have Hydro and Cryo effects in your team, you need Electro and Pyro supporters in your team. These elements will react to deal more damage to these enemies. For example, Electro TravelerSara, Lisa, and Fischl are great choices for the supporter role.

In addition, you should have a shield creator, such as Ningguang or Noelle to protect your characters from powerful slashes of Nobushi enemies. Sayu is a great choice if you need a healer in your team. But if your DPS characters are strong enough to finish these enemies in a few hits, you don't need any healer.

Traveler Genshin Impact
Electro Traveler can be a useful supporter in your team.

The Frozen elemental reaction is very useful and effective in this battle because you can freeze some enemies to avoid being surrounded. Besides, you should use characters who use swords, claymores, and polearms to attack them in close combat.

In addition, a catalyst character is also useful to dodge charged attacks of Nobushi fighters while keeping attacking them.

The Battle Of Revenge Genshin Location is Inazuma. Have you unlocked this hidden quest yet? Just work hard to unlock and complete this quest to get all rewards.

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