Dreams of Bloom is one of the last events before Genshin Impact developers end version 2.2 and begin planning for 2.3. The upcoming version is expected to bring forth the Geo Trio: Albedo, Itto, and Gorou.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Genshin Impact Dreams of Bloom event will offer.

Genshin Impact Dreams Of Bloom Event
The Dreams of Bloom event is starting soon.

Genshin Impact Dreams of Bloom release date

The Dreams of Bloom event starts on November 12 at 10:00 server time. It has two parts, including Seed Exchange and Flower Exchange.

Although both parts begin at the same time, the Seed Exchange will wrap up on November 18 at 3:59 server time and the Flower Exchange shall begin 4 days later which is November 22, 3:59 server time.

To join the event, you need to achieve AR 30 at least, have unlocked the Serenitea Pot, and done the “Ritou Escape Plan” Archon quest.

Flower Stand Genshin Impact Dreams Of Bloom
Make sure you have reached AR 30 to attend the event.

How to complete Dreams of Bloom

Each part requires a different task. For more details, read more below.

1. Seed Exchange

After completing the tutorial for Dreams of Bloom, follow the route on the map and exchange seeds with the Inazuma Florist Sakuya. This event is her promotional activity to better her in-game flower selling business.

In the first 6 days of the event, players may get 6 Dreambloom Seeds and some rewards after handing in the required materials to Sakuya.

Exchange Seeds
Exchange seeds with Sakuya to get your rewards.

Note: Sakuya has three types of Dreambloom seeds in stock and she will give them to you randomly. If you want to stock up on just one kind of seed, consider visiting your friends’ worlds and exchanging for the seeds you want with some material.

Once collected, you can plant the seeds into “A Path of Vault: Luxuriant Glebe” which can be found in the Serenitea Pot.

Growing Flowers
Players can venture into their friend's Genshin Impact world to exchange seeds.

2. Flower Exchange

The second part of Genshin Impact Dreams of Bloom event requires players to use the Flower Stand at Sakuya’s Flowers and make a floral arrangement with Dreamblooms.

The NPC will provide players with a unique Gardening package that they can choose from one of the three Flower Stands available. The Dreamblooms and these stands can both be permanently taken and relocated to the Serenitea Pot after the event expires.

Players can obtain up to 3 Gardening Packages after completing all the tasks. Just access them via the “Precious Items” category from the Inventory.

Arrange Dreamblooms with Sakuya.

There will also be an  “Exchange Deathblooms” option during the event, and you can use this page to send your friends the Deathblooms that they need. On another hand, just 50 unclaimed Deathblooms sent by friends can be retained. The excess is going to be automatically destroyed.

Dream of Blooms rewards

Beside the Special Gardening package of Sakuya, you can also get Mora, Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enchantment Ore, and Character level-up materials.

The rewards also include Dreamblooms which you can use as furnishings to adorn your base in the Serenitea Pot.

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