Genshin Impact players start their game with only the Traveler who is the main character. However, they can also get three 4-star characters for free only by completing starting quests. Lisa, Amber, Kaeya are the first to be up for grabs, then Barbara and Xiangling are given away for free also.

So before starting investing your Primogems in the many banner-exclusive and time-limited characters, here’s how to get all free characters Genshin Impact.


Following the Traveler, Amber is the very first playable character added to the team. You just need to follow Paimon’s guide through the tutorial and get the Outrider of the Knights of Favonius on your way to Mondstadt.

Amber Genshin Impact
Amber is the first free character after the Traveler that you can get effortlessly.

She might come in handy in the early game as she can inflict opponents with Pyro skills and solve torch-related puzzles. However, you should only focus on building her if you really, really like her as she is considered the least viable unit among the Genshin Impact character tier.


Next up in the free characters Genshin Impact pool is Kaeya. Having reached Mondstadt, you will be exposed to multiple quests in the city. Crash Course is among those quests and Kaeya is the reward upon completion.

Kaeya Genshin
He is actually a great asset to any roster, especially if the time is taken to level him up.

In this quest, Aether/Lumine will meet Kaeya Alberich at a temple. The player will get a tutorial on the Cavalry Captain and his Cryo Vision. He is available as a trial unit in a domain for Crash Course and he will be permanently on the roster once you have cleared the domain.


In the Prologue, Lisa will be the last free character for early game users. You can get the librarian in the same manner as Kaeya. You will meet Lisa in another quest called Sparks Amongst the Pages at the Temple of the Lion.

Genshin Impact Lisa
Make sure to return the books to her before she goes all maniac.

Players may use Lisa as a trial character in this domain. Once you have managed to clear the domain, she will also be added to the roster and Act One of the Prologueis also completed.


At Adventure Rank 18, those who can complete the A Long Shot quest can get Barbara without having to pay a dime. This Archon Quest is among the many available in the storyline.

In order to get her, you have to defeat Dvalin and save Mondstadt from the scary dragon.

Barbara Gi
Barbara is the deaconess of the Church of Favonius and a self-claimed "idol".


Xiangling is in fact the best character on the list of free characters Genshin Impact when it comes to gameplay. After reaching Adventure Rank 20, you will have access to the People’s Choice event. The requirement to get Xiangling is to complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss.

With this challenge being cleared, you will get Xiangling as a reward. The chef is bubbly and can be a great Pyro sub-DPS in your team.

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