Arataki Itto is a new Geo DPS character in Genshin Impact 2.3. Many players have obtained this character from his banner. Have you got the best build for him? Here are the three best teams for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact.

#1. Mono Geo Team

Mono Geo team is one of the best teams for Arataki Itto when you have had three other Geo characters in your collection. Itto is a powerful Geo DPS when you upgrade his to max level. Moreover, his claymore will turn into a big Raging Oni King to deal higher damage during the phase of his elemental burst. The power of Geo Resonance is incredible.

Itto Is A Powerful Dps
Arataki Itto is a new Geo DPS character in Genshin Impact.

You should pair him with Zhongli - the most powerful archon in Genshin Impact. Zhongli can play as a 2nd DPS fighter in this team. It's very great if you have got Gorou and Albedo from the Secretum Secretorum banner and Oni's Royale banner. Gorou performs the most powerful buffs to the Defense ability of this team. You can use Noelle and Ningguang if you don't have Albedo.

Geo Team
The only-Geo team includes four Geo characters.

All three Geo characters to pair with Albedo are only available to obtain from Wish Banners. You need to use as many fates as possible to get them. Besides, Zhongli Rerun Banner is coming back to the game in the next update. Try to get him if you hasn't obtain this Geo Archon from previous banners.

#2. Bennett Buff Team

The combination of Bennett's Pyro element and Itto's Geo element makes a solid Pyro shield. Bennett is one of the best supporters in Genshin Impact. He will give Itto an insane buff thanks to his elemental burst. If you don't have a great artifact set for Itto best build, Bennett will help Itto deal tons of damage.

Itto And Bennett
Itto and Bennett make a great combo.

The two other characters in this team can be Albedo and Gorou. While Gorou gives him defense, Albedo can be a Geo sub-DPS for insane Geo resonance.

#3. Energy Recharge Team

The great Energy Recharge bonus stats of Raiden Shogun and particle generation ability of Ningguang make the elemental burst of Itto full of energy. It solves the problem of energy for this Geo DPS. His charged attack will deal insane damage to the opponent. The team of Raiden Shogun and Itto is very strong and useful.

Baal Is A Great Teammate
Baal helps buff Itto's charged attack thanks to her Energy Recharge.

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