Xiao is called a demon slayer by Genshin Impact players. The previous trailer even specified that he was one of the five Yaksha warriors that Zhongli summoned to fight the demons threatening Teyvat. It is after this occasion that many questions were raised regarding Yakshas Genshin Impact.

Will they have a potential appearance in the future updates and what are their stories? Let’s find out right now.

Yaksha Genshin Impact
What is the origin of 5 Yakshas and who killed the Yakshas? Let us shed light on you for all these questions.

Who are the 5 Yakshas in Genshin Impact?

Yakshas Genshin Impact are 5 warriors created by Zhongli, or Rex Lapis, to prevent evils from invading Liyue. In the Genshin lore book “Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti”, they are named Bosacius, Indarias, Bonanus, Menogias, and Alatus.

Three of them are apparently dead, one goes missing, and Xiao remains the only active warrior.

We know that Alatus is Xiao, taking hints from his constellation name and the fact that both of them are called Conqueror of Demons.

Xiao Yaksha Genshin Impact
Xiao, a.k.a Alatus, is the only Yaksha to remain alive in Genshin Impact.

Yaksha meaning and lores

What is the meaning behind Yaksha's names and what led to their vanishing?

1. Yaksha meaning

In Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain texts, the yakshas mean nature spirits whom people worshipped as guardian deities. They all serve Kubera – the god of prosperity and wealth. In several Buddhist beliefs, he is called the god of war, Vaiśravaṇa. These two epithets are attributed to Morax.

In art, Yakshas sculptures were also among the earliest deities to be depicted. They were the prototypes for the kings and gods’ attendants in later Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu art.

In various texts, Yakshas mean the guardian deities who serve the gods of war and wealth.

2. Who killed the Yakshas Genshin Impact?

Among the five Yakshas, Indarias, Bonanus, and Menogias died. It is yet possible to attach their names to the warriors shown in the Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti story teaser.

Apparently, the Pyro Yaksha broke down to madness, and the Geo Yaksha slain the Hydro Yaksha.

3. Is Xiao the most powerful Yaksha?

Xiao, being over 2000 years old, has the privilege of time and uses that to be one of the most formidable existing Adepti. Moreover, among the five Adepti assigned to be demon slayers, Xiao is the only to remain sane and alive. This speaks volumes about the power he embraces.

For the unknown, Xiao almost lost his life one night due to his karma. However, the calming sound coming from Barbatos Venti’s flute pulled him back to sanity and saved him.

Xiao Venti
Xiao is the only active Yaksha currently.

The official Yaksha trailer also hinted that the Adeptus is out and about some nights to listen to Venti’s flute. In fact, this is one of the most surprising Xiao facts that any fan will grow interest of.

Yakshas Genshin Impact quest

The main story will lead players to Eastern Liyue and Jueyun Karst where Adepti reign.

Here, the Yaksha Bosacius’s withered spirit still lingers at the tombstone. It will fade away after you have the quest completed. One of these hidden quests is the Yaksha’s Wish quest which will grant you 30 Primogems, 3 Adventure’s Experience, and 200 Adventurer’s XP.

1. How to unlock Yaksha’s Wish quest

First and foremost, make sure you have finished 'The Omnipresent God' quest chain. Then, teleport to Jueyun Karst’s east and head to Yaksha's Grave Site.

Go to the circular-shaped structure visible on the map where you can find a Ruin Tablet. Interact with the Tablet and the quest shall begin after a quick dialogue with Paimon.

Yakshas Wish Location
Start the quest by heading to Yaksha's Grave Site.

2. How to get the Yaksha's Wish Quest

To complete Yakshas Genshin Impact quest, you have to find three clues in the area to free the trapped Yaksha soul. Let us shed light on how you can unveil all these clues.

#1st clue

  • After activating the quest, look for the obvious light beam using your minimap compass.
  • Defeat the Abyss Mage and Hilichurls.
  • Slightly jump up on the glowing prism to get the floating key.
First Clue Light Beam Yaksha Wish
The beam of light is where you should approach to complete missions.
First Key Yaksha Wish Quest
Afterward, interact with the platform to get the key.

#2nd clue

  • Look across to find the second light beam.
  • Head to that direction and defeat the Hilichurls, including a Geo Hilichurl Chieftain, at the camp.
  • Upon completion, rush to the hut to get the second key (and a Precious Chest).
  • You may place the two keys into the Ruin Tablet before getting to the last key.
Yaksha Ruin Guard
Apart from the clue key, don't forget to open the Preciosu Chest.

#3rd clue

The third and last clue is a bit farther with the light beam being less transparent. You can move around or return to the teleport waypoint.

  • Avoid triggering the Ruin Guard by walking around the side.
  • Climb up the ruined tower to get the third key.
  • Come back to the Ruin Tablet and hand in the last key.
Third Key Yaksha Wish Quest
The last clue for Yaksha is a little bit more challenging to find.

Now that the locked treasure room gate opens, players can enter and claim the Precious Chests.

Above are the guide to Yaksha Genshin Impact lores and World Quest. Visit Gurugamer.com for more useful gaming tips and instructions.

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