Genshin Impact Xiao will come back to a rerun wish banner. He is one of the most favorite characters in this game due to his great power and excellent skills. Here are the top five facts about this enigma character that you should know before the Xiao rerun banner.

#1. Xiao's Real Name

He is widely known and called Xiao since he was first introduced. But not many players know that his real name is Alatus. He got the name Xiao from the Geo Archon Morax after being saved from his former master by this archon.

During his young age, Xiao was forced to serve as the bloodhound of an unknown god. That brutal god used his weakness and abuse violence on Xiao. After saving Xiao, Morax gave him a new name which represents a strong spirit in another world that also suffered from hardships like Xiao's life under the terrible control of his evil master.

Xiao Is A Demon Slayer
Xiao has a suffering life before being saved by Morax.

#2. Xiao's Height

Xiao is the shortest male character in Genshin Impact up to now. His height is 153.6 centimeters. Xiao is even shorter than some small male characters, such as Xingqiu and Chongyun. This Anemo character is also among the shortest characters in this game. But he is still higher than some female characters, such as Xiangling and Xinyan.

That limited height does not limit his power. Xiao is still one of the most powerful Adepti in Liyue. In addition, this small character is very nimble.

Xiao Loves Almond Tofu
Xiao is the shortest male character in Genshin Impact.

#3. Xiao's Favorite Food

Genshin Impact Xiao is one of many young characters from Liyue. His favorite food is also a Liyue dish - Almond Tofu. This fact is revealed in his character story 3. Almond Tofu is also the only food he can eat in Teyvat. According to his story, Xiao hates all other dishes in Teyvat.

He loves Almond Tofu and only eats this dish because of its texture that reminds him of the dreams Xiao devoured while he slew demons as a Yaksha. Wangshu Inn's innkeeper said Xiao often eats a bowl of Almond Tofu with a smile on his face.

Xiao And Almond Tofu
Xiao loves Almond Tofu.

#4. Old Story Of Xiao And Venti

Xiao was saved by Venti's music. The suffering childhood gave Xiao a tremendous karmic burden, haunting nightmares, and ugly scars in his soul. Many other Yaksha companions of Xiao suggested that he would have died or gone insane.

But he was saved and healed by Venti's soothing music from his Dihua flute. Genshin Impact Xiao was saved from his nightmares and karmic weight when listening to Venti's music.

Xiao And Venti
Xiao was saved by Venti's music.

#5. Xiao Eats Snow

Xiao said he could eat snow when it's thick enough. It's probably because he needs snow to ease his pains or he was too starving when his evil master didn't give him food. Fortunately, Geo Archon saved him and gave him a better life now.

Xiao's old story makes a lot of hearts broken for him. Xiao met Traveler and become his best friend. He also escape his bad dreams after listening to Venti's flute music.

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