Adepti Genshin is an influential group of Gods alike and magical beings in Liyue. They have some secrets that not many players have explored. Check out who they are and the top must-know secret of these characters here.

I. Who Is Adeptus Genshin Impact?

Adeptus is a member of Adepti in Genshin Impact. Morax, also known as Geo Archon or Rex Lapis, founded Adepti to protect Liyue. This group includes Gods alike and magical creatures, including:

  • Cloud Retainer
  • Moon Carver
  • Mountain Shaper
  • Skybracer
  • Ganyu
  • Madame Ping
  • Marchosius

Besides, there are some Genshin Impact Adepti characters, such as Guhua, Yanfei's Father, and Kunwu. Players have met some Adepti when doing story, archon, or world quests in Liyue.

Adepti Genshin
Adepti characters are powerful and magical mortals above normal people and under Archons.

II. Facts About Adepti Genshin Impact

There are some secrets about Adepti that a lot of players have not known about Adepti in Genshin Impact. Here are the top must-know things about this group of magical warriors.

#1. Adepti remain undisturbed in their domains

After the Archon war, peace came back to Liyue. The mission of protecting this nation is not so urgent. Therefore, most Adepti remain undisturbed in their own domains and mountains around Liyue. But they are always ready to fight when the peace in Liyue is threatened.

Adepti Stay In Their Domains
Adepti gods stay in their domains in Liyue.

#2. Each Adeptus has a unique power

Each Adeptus has a different ability that is still powerful and useful without Vision. That's why these Adepti do not need the Vision to obtain power from the Celestia. These Adepti can use an element in Teyvat with their 'third eye'. They used their power and abilities to fight against dangerous monsters like the Osial to protect Liyue.

#3. Adepti can change their shape

Most Adepti appear in their original shapes, such as Cloud Retainer, Moon Carver, and Mountain Shaper. But some Adepti appears in human shapes, such as Madame Ping. It proves that they can change their shape if they want.

Adepti can change their appearances
Adepti can change their appearances.

#4. Adepti has their worshippers

As Adepti are Gods or Gods alike, people in Liyue worship them for protection. Besides, they also obtain power from the faith of their worshippers. It's an equivalent contract between people and gods: people give Adepti power by their faith, and Adepti uses their power to protect people. Citizens in Liyue also organize Lantern Rite Festival to honor their gods.

#5. Humans can become Adepti

Adepti members are magical creatures who contracted with Morax and helped him fight off demons to protect the nation. All mortals, including humans, can contract with the Archon to become an Adeptus. But they need to complete trials of Earth and Heaven in Taishan Mansion and prove themselves to the Celestia.

Liyue Also Organize Lantern Rite Festival To Honor
Liyue people also organize Lantern Rite Festival to honor Adepti.

III. Adepti Genshin Quest Guide

There are two quests related to Adepti in Genshin Impact, including An Adeptal Summons and The Rite of Descension. In addition, Travelers also borrow the power of some Adepti, such as Madame Ping, Ganyu power, and Xiao skills to defeat the Osial monster, Fatui demons, and protect Guizhong Ballistas in the quest Turning Point.

#1. The Rite of Descension

It's an Archon Quests in Act I: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths of Chapter I. You will start this Adepti quest in Liyue Harbor after completing the quest 'Song of the Dragon and Freedom' and reaching AR level 23.

Then, follow these steps to complete this quest:

  • Talk to three locals, including Linlang, Guanhai, and Bolai in Liyue Harbor.
  • Head to Yujing Terrace.
  • Pray and make a wish twice at Yujing Terrace.
  • Join the crowd in Yujing Terrace and wait until the Rite begins.
  • Talk to Paimon.
  • Then, find a way to escape from the Millelith.
  • Head back to Northland Bank in Liyue Harbor and talk to Childe.

After reporting the quest, you will receive a Sigil of Permission and some other rewards, including character and weapon materials, Mora, and Adventure EXP.

The Rite Of Descension
You start the quest The Rite of Descension in Liyue Harbor.

#2. An Adeptal Summons

You will have the chance to visit a domain of an Adeptus in Liyue. It's a world quest in Mt. Aozang, Liyue. To start the quest, you need to cook delicious Jewelry Soup to pray and meet Cloud Retainer again. Then, enter the domain and complete the domain quest.

Here are some important objectives you need to complete when doing this quest.

  • Glide to Cloud Retainer's abode and solve Genshin Adepti domain puzzle.
  • Complete the time trial in the Domain to get to the Cloud Retainer at the end.
  • Report the quest to Cloud Retainer and claim rewards.

You will get 100 Adventure EXP, 20000  Mora, three Hero's Wits, and three Guide to Diligence books.

IV. Q&A About Adepti Genshin

To understand more about Adepti in Genshin Impact, let's look at the answer to some questions below.

#1. Is Xiao an Adeptus?

Yes, he is an Adeptus. Xiao is also one of five Yakshas in Genshin Impact who was dispatched to subdue the demonic spirits that cause the plague in Liyue by Rex Lapis.

Xiao And Ganyu
Xiao and Ganyu are two playable Adepti.

#2. Can Adepti die?

No. They are mortals.

#3. Are Archons Adepti?

No. Adepti are powerful mortals who work for the Geo Archon according to contracts of protecting Liyue.

Adepti Meeting
A meeting of Adepti.

Those are all you need to know about Adepti Genshin Impact. Ganyu and Xiao are two playable Adepti in Genshin Impact. So, both of them have God-like power. Let's try to obtain these powerful characters from the upcoming Rerun banners.

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