Genshin Impact gives players four random daily commissions per day that give you Primogems, Adventure EXP, and also hidden achievements. Here are the 5 rarest Genshin daily commissions with hidden achievements you should do.

#1. Good Sign

Good Sign is a rare daily commission with up to two hidden achievements. This commission requires players to find hidden signs. You need to find the NPC Zhihua in Liyue Harbor and talk to him. Then, go to find two signs per commission. Players need to run a lot when doing this quest.

You can unlock the hidden achievement Love is All Around after finding 5 signs. When you ruin 4 signs of them, you can unlock the achievement Open to Interpretation.

First Rare Commission
You will get two hidden achievements from the quest 'Good Sign'.

#2. A Little Raid

Another rare daily commission in Genshin Impact is 'A Little Raid'. It's very easy to complete and get rewards. But it's also rare. First, you need to see Soraya on a high floor at Wangshu Inn Restaurant and talk to her to unlock the quest.

Then, you need to defeat some Treasure Hoarders at the assigned location. After that, you have to come back to report the mission to Soraya. Next, you will get the commission rewards and hidden achievement "Scholarly Pretensions".

Talk To Soraya
Talk to Soraya to unlock the quest.

#3. An Art to Be Honed/Ceaseless Training

Unlike the two previous rare Genshin daily commissions, you will do two commissions 'Ceaseless Training' and 'An Art to Be Honed' in Inazuma. Players can unlock the hidden achievement 'You Should Start a Doushin Dogo' after completing these two commissions five times.

To unlock the quest 'An Art to Be Honed', players have to unlock Inazuma because you will do this quest in this nation. Then, you have to complete the World Quest 'Battle of Revenge' to unlock and do the 'Ceaseless Training' commission. These hidden quests in Inazuma are very interesting.

Ceaseless Training
Get the hidden achievement from Inazuma commissions.

#4. Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!

You will also get a hidden achievement after completing the rare commission 'Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!' Players will do this quest in Liyue. If you complete it three times, you can unlock the achievement 'Pirates! Argh!'

But it takes players a long time to get this achievement because this commission is very rare. You cannot predict when you can do it again. So, you should complete all daily commissions every day and hope to get it again soon. Completing commission also helps you rank up fast in Genshin Impact.

Hidden Achievement
The hidden achievement 'Pirates! Argh!' is easy to get.

#5. Post-Sale Service

Post-Sale Service is another rare daily commission with hidden achievement in Genshin Impact. It's the sequel to the commission of 'Inazuma Sales Specialist'. It's pretty more complicated and difficult to complete than previous quests. You have to give the NPC Konda Desuke the wrong instructions in the prequel commission.

Then, pick up 10 mushrooms in the Post-Sale Service quest. After collecting 5 mushrooms, the game will notify you that you have completed the quest. Many players failed to unlock the hidden achievement because they stop picking up all mushrooms in the quest. Try to collect all ten mushrooms to get the rewards for the "Sorry for the Trouble!" hidden achievement.

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