The Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact is the pocket dimension of your dream home. You have plenty of options for furnishing and decorating your in-game house, and it will be much prettier with the Hangout photos of your favorite characters.

Fortunately, you can totally have your Hangout Memories framed on the wall of your home in Genshin. Everything you need is a certain furnishing and a picture frame titled the Lingering Moment. With this instruction, you will know how to add photos to Serenitea Pot.

how to add photos to Serenitea Pot
Here's how to add photos to Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact and show them off to your friends.

How to make a Lingering Moment

To add photos to your Serenitea Pot, you need a blueprint and enough materials. The first time the player manages to create a Lingering Moment, they will get 90 Trust which potentially increases their Trust Rank.

1. Where to find a Lingering Moment blueprint

You can purchase the blueprint for a Lingering Moment from Tubby for 240 Realm Currency. Since it can be easy to miss in the buying list, keep on scrolling until you spot it.

Now that you have had the blueprint, you can craft as many Lingering Moments as possible with just the right amount of materials. The required components include 6 Fabrics and 12 Cuihua Wood.

Tubby Trust Rank
Tubby provides nearly everything you need in the Teapot.

2. Where to find Lingering Moment materials

  • Cuihua Wood

Players can harvest Cuihua Wood from Cuihua Trees which you can commonly find throughout Teyvat. Whatsoever, the best locations to farm this are Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain.

Cuihua Wood
Use swords or claymores to chop the woods from the trees in Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain.
  • Fabric

Meanwhile, players can buy Fabric for 10 Realm Currency each unit from Tubby. In case you want to make it on your own and save some money, farm Silk Flowers in Liyue. Each Silk Flower grants 10 Fabrics and it’s a financially effective way to produce this material in bulk.

Silk Flower Fabric
If you can't buy fabric, look for some Silk Flowers to process them into the material.

Just look for the sparkling red bushes near Yujing Terrace and Wangshu Inn. Besides, those who have a garden in their Serenitea Pot can grow Silk Flowers with seeds instead.

You may also purchase fully-grown Silk Flowers from Ms. Bai or Verr Goldet for 1000 Mora per unit.

How to place a Lingering Moment

This is basically the last step in how to add photos to Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact.

Once you have had the Lingering Moment, go to the Serenitea Pot and launch the Furnishing interface. You shall find the Lingering Moment right under Wall Decor.

  • Hang the Lingering Moment on the wall before selecting a photo to frame.
  • Now, walk to the empty frame and interact with it.
  • Pick the unlocked Hangout Memories you want.

Now that your favorite picture has been added to the frame, you can admire every Moment when you visit your Serenitea Pot.

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