Genshin Impact Daily Login gives players a lot of attractive rewards. Besides, there are many important works to complete and earn Primogems every day. With the best domain rotation, you can save much time in collecting materials for character and weapon ascensions. Check them out below.

I. Daily Login Genshin 2.4

The upcoming update 2.4 will introduce many Daily Login events to farm a lot of rewards, including 13 free Intertwined Fates. Here are two Daily Login events in this upcoming version.

  • May Fortune Find You: 10 Intertwined Fates, many Hero Withs, Mystic Ores, and Mora.
  • Flowing Lights and Colors: 3 Intertwined Fates and many other materials.

II. Genshin Impact Daily Login Rewards

MiHoYo gives Genshin players a lot of Primogems, Mora, food, and materials for Genshin Impact Daily Check-in. Especially, each Traveler will be granted 100 Primogems and 10,000 Mora for the first time of Daily Check-in on Webstactic Sea of miHoYo. Here are all the daily login rewards you can get every month from this activity.

  • 26 Adventurer's Experience books;
  • 15 Fine Enhancement Ores;
  • 59,000 Mora;
  • 60 Primogems;
  • 6 Hero's Wits;
  • 4 special dishes.

The special dishes from Daily Check-in can be used to recover the character's health and boosts their ATK, DEF, or Stamina. All of them are free. You just need to click on the Daily Check-in event link and claim rewards for that day.

Genshin Daily Check In
Genshin Daily Check-In gives players a lot of rewards.

Seize the Day is also a daily login event but it's a time-limited activity. You need to reach Adventure Rank 5 to be eligible for the event. These events often last 7 days. Besides, each event gives players many gifts, including:

  • 300 Primogems;
  • 16 Mystic Ores;
  • 8 Hero's Wits;
  • 50,000 Mora.

In addition, Genshin Impact players also get 120 Battle Pass EXP (BEP) for daily login. When you get enough 1,000 BEP, you will rank up and unlock a new reward. Moreover, there are a lot of other interesting daily activities and chances to earn more Primogems, Mora, and materials every day from domains, time-limited events, and commissions.

Seize The Day
Seize The Day login event.

III. Genshin Impact Daily Domain Rotation

Domain Rotation is a basic mechanism of Genshin Impact. In specific, many domains for farming weapon ascension and characters' talent level-up materials give players different rewards. Here are all materials for weapon ascension and talent level-up you can get from Genshin Impact domains and the day you can get them.

Daily Domain Rotation
Daily Domain Rotation Lovely Chart.

You need to log in to the game on the right day of the wanted materials and teleport to the right material domains. Then, select the best characters to clear the domain enemies and claim rewards.

IV. Genshin Impact Daily Primogems Farm

There are a lot of things to do in Genshin Impact to earn Primogems. For example, completing four Daily Commissions is one of the best tips for daily Primogem farm in Genshin Impact. Players will get 10 Primogems per commission and a total of 60 Primogems for completing all Daily Commissions. In addition, miHoYo also launches a lot of events for players to earn Primogems every day.

Claim Daily Commission
CLaim daily commission rewards.

Here are all current and upcoming events for Genshin Impact players to earn Primogems every day.

Version 2.3

The current version 2.3 of Genshin Impact will come to an end soon. Before the arrival of version 2.4 with two new banners and a lot of highly-anticipated characters, the game publisher has introduced some events to let their players earn heaps of Primogems.

Events Date Primogems & Requirements
Marvelous Merchandise 27th Dec 2021 - 3rd Jan 2022
  • Players get 40 Primogems per day from exchanging items with the NPC merchant Liben. After seven days of login and completing merchandise missions, you can earn up to 380 Primogems.
Misty Dungeon - Realm of Light event 17th Dec 2021 -  27th Jan 2022
  • You earn 420 Primogems from seven dungeons.
Energy Amplifier Fruition event 24th Dec 2021 - 3rd Jan 2022
  • You can get 240 Primogems after three Acts plus 180 Primogems from three Deceitful Domain eliminations.

The Marvelous Merchandise is the best chance to earn Primogems easily. You don't have to defeat any enemy. But in the two other events, you need to build the best teams to eliminate monsters quickly and claim rewards.

Marvelous Marchandise
Complete daily commission in the Marvelous Marchandise event.

Version 2.4

Genshin Impact 2.4 release date will fall on Jan 5th, 2022. This big update will bring players a lot of additions and events. Especially, the coming of the two new characters Yunjin and Shenhe is highly anticipated. Moreover, Zhongli, Ganyu, and Xiao will also come back in their Rerun banners. Therefore, Genshin players are working hard to get as many Primogems as possible to make wishes and get them.

Here are some big events coming to the game in Genshin Impact 2.4. Don't miss these chances to earn Primogems and Fates.

  • Hangout Events V Series for Ningguang and Yunjin;
  • Windtrace Rerun;
  • Eight Locales Over Mountains And Seas;
  • A Study In Potions;
  • Fleeting Colors In Flight of Lantern Rite.

Each hangout quest gives players 60 Primogems for opening all six endings. Therefore, you can earn up to 120 Primogems from Yunjin and Ningguang's hangout events.

Those are all Genshin Impact daily login rewards and the best things to do for Primogem farming. Just complete current event missions and get ready for Genshin Impact 2.4 events to earn Primogems and Fates to get your favorite characters.

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