Small lamp grass is a local plant in Mondstadt. It's not only a popular cooking ingredient but also an important ascension material in Genshin Impact. Therefore, you need to collect a lot of small lamp grass items. Luckily, Genshin players can pick it up from the wild and grow it. Check out all Genshin Impact lamp grass locations and how to get this plant here.

I. Genshin Impact How To Get Small Lamp Grass

Small lamp grass is not a rare item but it does not grow all around Teyvat. There are three main ways to get small lamp grass in Genshin Impact. Check them out below and try to get as many lamp grass items as possible.

Lamp Grass Locations
All small lamp grass locations in Genshin Impact.

#1. Find Lamp Grass In The Wild

Small lamp grass only grows in Mondstadt. You can find this grass in many places around this country. Here are the best locations to find lamp grass items in the wild.

  • Whispering Woods: This is the best Genshin Impact lamp grass location to find this material in Mondstadt.
  • Wolvendom: On the way to reach Wolvendom, you can pick up many lamp grass in the grassland here.
  • Starfell Valley: It often grows under the shadows of big trees and high mountain cliffs.
Where To Find Small Lamp Grass
This grass often grows under big trees, in dark forests, and under the shadow of mountain cliffs.
  • Windwail Highland: You should go there to collect this plant at night to spot it better.
  • Galesong Hill: You may rarely go there because there are not many quests here. But you should visit this hill every 2 days to collect lamp grasses.
  • Brightcrown Mountains: Small lamp grass can grow behind tree bushes, so you need to find it carefully.

The small lamp grass Genshin Impact respawns after 48 hours according to real-life time. After finding all Genshin Impact lamp grass locations, you should mark it on the minimap to come back and collect it after two days. Some small lamp grass patches are guarded by Hilichurls and Samachurls.

Collect During Daytime
It's harder to spot and collect the lamp grass during the daytime.

#2. Purchase Small Lamp Grass

Genshin Impact players can buy five small lamp grass items from Flora every 3 days. Each item costs 1,000 Mora. Flora is the owner of the flower shop in Mondstadt City. You can find her in the Flower Shop near the entrance of Mondstadt City. Besides, you will get four small lamp grass items for the first conversation with Ziwei in Dunyu Ruins, Liyue.

Talk To Ziwei
You can get 4 lamp grass items the first time you talk to Ziwei in Liyue.

#3. Grow Lamp Grass In Teapot Realm

Another way to get small lamp grass in Genshin Impact is gardening. You can grow this plant in the Serenitea Pot. Tubby has necessary fields and small lamp grass seeds in his Depots. Genshin players need to use Teapot currencies to buy the land fields and plant seeds to plant this grass.

  • A Path of Value: Jade Field costs you 300 Realm currencies.
  • A Small Lamp Grass seed costs 5 Realm currencies.

You can buy the plant seed every day but there are only two Jade Fields to purchase. It takes the grass 70 hours to fully grow. So, you can grow and harvest only eight fully-grown small lamp grass items every three days. You don't need to take care of it. Just remember to go to your garden and harvest it.

Teapot Garden
Buy two Jade fields and grow some small lamp grass in your Teapot Realm.

This beautiful lamp grass will shine at night. So, you can grow it to light up your garden and decorate your Teapot Realm. Your small lamp grass looks more splendid during the nighttime.

II. How To Use Small Lamp Grass

Small lamp grass is a cooking ingredient and ascension material in Genshin Impact. It's often used in many local recipes in Mondstadt. You need it to cook many dishes, such as:

  • Pile 'Em Up: ATK-Boosting Dish;
  • "Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt": ATK-Boosting Dish;
  • Sunshine Sprat: DEF-Boosting Dish;
  • Woodland Dream: DEF-Boosting Dish.
Genshin Impact Small Lamp Grass
Learn where and how to get all small lamp grass in Genshin Impact for cooking and character ascension.

Each dish requires a small lamp grass. Besides, Genshin Impact players also need a lot of small lamp grasses to ascend many characters in Mondstadt, including:

Each character needs 168 Small Lamp Grass items for full ascension. There is no weapon using Small Lamp Grass for ascension. But you still need a lot of lamp grass in this game. For example, cook some ATK-Boosting dishes and feed your fully-ascended Diluc to have an insanely powerful DPS fighter. Then, head to Wolvendom to take down the Andrius.

Those are all Genshin Impact lamp grass locations and ways to get it. It's a very necessary material in this game that you shouldn't ignore.

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