The Windtrace Genshin event is an upcoming event in the next update 2.4. It will start on January 5th, 2022 in the early day of Genshin Impact 2.4. During the Windtrace event, you can join many interesting activities and small games with friends. Besides, there are a lot of valuable rewards for players. Check them out below.

I. Genshin Windtrace Event Locations

The upcoming event Windtrace was confirmed in Genshin Impact 2.4 Special Program. It will be released on Jan 5th, 2022. This is a Rerun event of Windtrace because miHoYo launched this event once in version 1.5. It takes place in the City of Mondstadt - the nation of Anemo element in Teyvat. There are many interesting and fun mini-games with attractive rewards.

Windtrace Genshin Impact
Locations for minigames in the Windtrace event in Genshin Impact 2.4 were leaked in the Beta version.

In the previous Windtrace event, minigames take place in different locations in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Dragonspine. But in this Windtrace Rerun, you will play these minigames in different locations all around Teyvat and Inazuma. Here are some minigame locations in the Genshin Impact Windtrace event.

  • Terrace farmlands in Qingce Village;
  • Ritou Port in Inazuma;
  • Kujou Encampment in Inazuma;
  • Kamisato Estate in Inazuma;
  • Springvale in Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact players are very excited about the return of the minigame 'Hide & Seek' in Inazuma. You will meet the NPC Gygax in the City of Mondstadt and choose to Play Windtrace. Then, he will let you join the minigames. Besides, you can ask him to explain the event's rules for you.

Go to see the minigame host Gygax in the City to start to play Windtrace.

II. How To Play Windtrace Genshin

The Windtrace rerun event 2.4 has the minigame 'Hide and Seek' with the same rules but different maps. You cannot play Hide & Seek alone, but you will join other online players on the same server. Like normal hide and seek games in real life, Rebels need to hide so that the Hunters cannot find them. In contrast, Hunters need to find all Rebels in the given time duration.

Hide And Seek
The Windtrace game 'Hide And Seek' will take place in some new locations in Inazuma.

You should reach Adventure Rank 20 and complete the 'A Timeless Classic' quest to be eligible for the event. Here is how to play Windtrace in Genshin Impact 2.4.

Play Hide & Seek

After talking to Gygax, you will start to play Hide and Seek. As hunters, you need to find and catch rebels in hidden places or item shapes within the stipulated time. You should search the edge of the minigame map because many rebels hide there. Next, choose a high place to spot rebels more easily, such as rooftops and tree heads.

If you are a Rebel, you need to hide carefully and avoid being captured by Hunters. To win in this role, you should secret places that are hard to search. It's better to hide in small and dark corners. You have to blend yourself with the surroundings so that Hunters cannot recognize you. Rebels can disguise as random items, such as bushes, crates, buckets, etc.

Windtrace Details
Hunters have to seek and Rebels have to avoid being captured to win the game.

Earn Windtrace Coins

Genshin Impact players will get Windtrace coins for joining and winning the minigame. Then, go to the event shop and use these Windtrace coins to exchange for rewards. Genshin Impact players can select the rewards they want to get.

Recommended Characters

You can use any character to join the event and play the game. But there are some better characters for hunters and rebels in the game Hide & Seek, including:

  • Mona lets hunters and rebels move faster.
  • Xiao allows hunters to reach high places and spot rebels.
  • Razor and Kaeya consume less Stamina when escaping hunters.
Use Xiao To Reach High Places Faster
Use Xiao to run and reach high places faster.

III. Genshin Windtrace Rewards

Apart from interesting gameplay, the prize pool is also an important element that makes the Windtrace event more attractive to players. When taking part in this event, players can earn a lot of Primogems and gifts, such as:

  • Talent Level-up materials;
  • Mora;
  • Character EXP materials;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Then, use the Primogems you earn from this event to buy Intertwined Fates and make Wish in upcoming new banners of Yunjin and Shenhe and Rerun banners of Xiao, Ganyu, and Zhongli. Moreover, talent level-up materials and character EXP materials also make your characters stronger to win other events of the next update.

Windtrace Return
The Windtrace Return will give players many attractive rewards, including a lot of Primogems.

Bonus: Upcoming Events In Genshin Impact 2.4

In addition to the Windtrace Genshin events, the next version 2.4 of Genshin Impact also has many exciting events. Here are all confirmed events in Update 2.4.

  • Fleeting Colors in Flight
  • A Study in Potions
  • Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas

Especially, the game will give players 10 Intertwined Fates for free in the yearly Lantern Rite Festival of Liyue. Don't miss this sweet chance.

Those are all about the Windtrace Genshin event. Just get ready to join, have fun with friends, and win a lot of valuable rewards in Genshin Impact 2.4.

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