Pufferfish Genshin is a rare fish that is pretty difficult to catch. You can use this fish for different purposes in this game. Check out this guide on where and how to catch this fish as well as what you can do with Pufferfish in Genshin Impact here.

I. Pufferfish Genshin Locations

Pufferfish is pretty rare in comparison with Medaka. It can be caught in many fishing spots around Genshin Impact maps. Here are the best locations for Genshin players to catch this fish.

Pufferfish In Genshin Impact
Learn where and how to catch Pufferfish in Genshin Impact.

#1. Fishing spots in Mondstadt

There are two locations in Mondstadt where you can catch Pufferfish in Genshin Impact, including Cider Lake and Dawn Winery.

  • The fishing spot in Cider Lake in the north of Springvale is near a Teleport Waypoint. So, it's easy to get there quickly.
  • Pufferfish also spawn in the water area in the west of Dawn Winery.
Cider Lake
There is a fishing spot in Cider Lake in the north of Springvale.

#2. Fishing spots in Liyue

The fishing spot near the dock in the east of Liyue Harbor is the only location of Pufferfish in Liyue. This place is near the border of the current map. You need to travel along the land’s coast to reach this fishing spot. There is no nearby Waypoint for you to teleport.

Liyue Dock
You can catch the Pufferfish in the fishing spot near the dock in Liyue.

#3. Fishing spots in Inazuma

Inazuma has two Pufferfish locations in Ritou dock and east of Koseki Village. Genshin Impact players can catch many golden Pufferfish in this country.

  • The dock in Ritou is the first place in Inazuma that you step on when visiting this nation for the first time. There is a Teleport Waypoint right at the dock.
  • Koseki Village has a fishing spot in the southern tip of the island where you can catch Pufferfish. Just head east from this village.
Dock In Ritou
There is a fishing spot at the dock in Ritou where you reach first when visiting Inazuma.

II. How To Catch Pufferfish

Rare fish in Genshin Impact is often harder to catch. You need some tips and steps to catch Puffferfish in this game. Follow these steps to catch the Pufferfish in this game. You can also catch other fish with this guide on how to fish in Genshin Impact.

#1. Prepare tools

To catch fish in Genshin Impact, you need to have a rod and baits. The better the rod is, the easier it is to catch the targeted fish. You can also get decent fishing rods from fishermen in Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma by exchanging fish.

After that, you need to craft and use proper bait for Pufferfish that is Fake Fly Bait. Genshin Impact players can craft this fish bait type at crafting tables with the right materials. To make ten Fake Fly Baits, you need a horsetail and a Sakura Bloom. You can buy the formula of this bait from the Mondstadt Fishing Association.

Fake Fly Bait
Use horsetail and Sakura Bloom to craft Fake Fly Baits to catch Pufferfish in Genshin Impact.

#2. Go to the fishing spots

After having enough tools for fishing, use the nearest Teleport Waypoints to get to those Pufferfish locations. Get close to the water area and click on the Fishing button. Select the Fake Fly Bait and aim near Pufferfish to attract them quickly.

When you get a catch, try to keep the tension of the fishing rod in the yellow highlighted zone to catch the fish perfectly. Then, the Pufferfish will be sent to your inventory.

III. Best Uses Of Pufferfish Genshin

There are two types of Pufferfish in Genshin Impact, including Bitter Pufferfish Genshin and Golden Pufferfish Genshin. Here are three main uses of Pufferfish Genshin.

  • Use Pufferfish for exchanging for tools: You need to catch enough fish to exchange for items from fishermen in Teyvat and Inazuma. For instance, you need 10 Biter Pufferfish and 10 Golden Pufferfish to exchange for Ako's Sake Vessel.
Make Fish Meat
Genshin Impact players can make 3 pieces of fish meat from a Pufferfish in this game.
  • Make fish meat: Besides, you can also use Pufferfish for making fish meat. Each Pufferfish gives you 3 pieces of fish meat.
  • Use Pufferfish to decorate the Serenitea Pot: You can raise some fish in the Serenitea Pot. You can catch some Pufferfish and raise them in your Pool of Sapphire Grace in the Teapot realm.
Pool Of Sapphire Grace
You can raise Pufferfish in the Pool of Sapphire Grace in your Teapot Realm.

Those are all uses and locations of Pufferfish Genshin Impact. To catch this big fish, you need to master fishing skills. Pufferfish will respawn after 24 hours, so you can go fishing every day.

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