Sword Cemetery Genshin Impact is a special location in Teyvat surrounded by three Hilichurl tribes on the north, south, and east sides. Check out this guide on how to break the sword cemetery seal Genshin Impact here.

I. Sword Cemetery Genshin Impact Location

You can find Sword Cemetery in the middle of the big lake in Dadaupa Gorge, Mondstadt. It's surrounded by high mountain cliffs and Hilichurl tribes in a large and beautiful forest. It's very easy to find and get to this lake to do this quest. You can use the Teleport Waypoint in Dadaupa Gorge.

Sword Cemetery Genshin Impact
Sword Cemetery is in the biggest lake of Dadaupa Gorge.

Genshin Impact players need to find and see Dr. Livingstone at this location. Then, complete all objectives of the quest and break the seal. After removing the seal, you will get a treasure chest with a lot of valuable rewards. There are three seals to break and complete the quest.

Sword Cemetery Genshin Impact Location
It lies among three Hilichurl tribes.

II. How To Break Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

Dr. Livingstone will tell you about the way to break the seal in Dadaupa Gorge Sword Cemetery. In the dialogue, the quest giver reveals that players need to activate three monuments in three Hilichurl tribes. These monuments are guarded by many dangerous enemies in three Hilichurl camps. Here are all tribes you need to defeat and activate the monuments in order to break the shield.

Talk To Npc
Talk to Dr. Livingstone to unlock the quest and get information about three tribes.

#1. Meaty Tribe - Cryo Seal

Meaty Tribe is in the North of the lake. You can easily find the Cryo monument in the center of the Hilichurl village. But the monument is sealed and guarded by many powerful enemies, including some small and big Slimes, many Samachurls, and a Wooden Shield Mitachurl.

Players have to defeat all these opponents within 100 seconds. Then, the seal around the monument will be removed. Besides, you can collect some loots in two Exquisite chests and two Common chests in this village. Use the elemental burst or skill of your Cryo character to activate the monument and break the Cryo shield.

Unlock Cryo Monument
Clear Meaty Tribe to activate the Cryo monument and get some loot chests.

#2. Sleeper Tribe - Electro Seal

The Electro monument is protected in the Sleeper Tribe in the South of the Sword Cemetery location. In the Sleeper Tribe, enemies are more active at night. Therefore, you need to fight them off during the daytime. Players have to finish the giant Wooden Shield Mitachurl in the lake and unseal the Electro Monument.

You need to avoid archer enemies or take them down. Besides, there is a Precious chest for you to loot after taking down the Wooden Shield Mitachurl. To defeat this big boss, you should have a Cryo character to freeze it. Take Cryo Hilichurl archers down first or they can shoot to freeze you.

Electro Monument
Defeat bosses and activate the Electro monument in Sleeper Tribe.

#3. Eclipse Tribe - Pyro Seal

The Pyro monument is guarded by many dangerous bosses, including an Anemo Samachurl, a Wooden Shield Mitachurl, and a Cryo Abyss Mage in the Eclipse Tribe. This tribe is in the East of the lake, right next to the Sleeper Tribe. So, it's very easy to get to this village after clearing the Sleeper Tribe and removing the Pyro seal.

You should use a Pyro DPS, such as Hu Tao, Klee, or Yanfei to take the annoying Cryo Abyss Mage down. Besides, use a physical DPS to kill two other bosses faster. Be careful with archer Hilichurls and small enemies around.

Defeat All Bosses
You need a powerful team to defeat all bosses and enemies quickly.

After removing the seal around the monument and activating it with Pyro skills or bursting, you can break the sword cemetery seal Genshin Impact. The treasure chest in the middle of the sword forest has a lot of loots for you.

III. All Quest Rewards

After breaking the sword cemetery seal in Genshin Impact, players will get a lot of rewards. Besides, you also get many supplies from chests in three tribes in this mission. Here are all rewards you can earn after this quest.

  • Treasure chest supplies: a 4-star artifact, Northlander Claymore Billet, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores;
  • 400 Adventure EXP;
  • 3 Adventurer's Experience books;
  • 50 Primogems;
  • An Anemoculus inside the seal.

To collect the hidden Anemoculus inside the seal, you need to climb carefully and jump down. Use the wind glider and reach the floating Anemoculus. After completing this quest,

Break The Shield
Open the chest inside the seal after removing all three seals.

This full guide showed you how to break the sword cemetery seal Genshin Impact quickly. Just complete this quest now to unlock more interesting quests in Mondstadt.

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