If you have barely encountered any Cecilia flower in Genshin Impact, you are not to blame. Cecilia Genshin is a rare resource and different from most other natural items, all of their nodes bundle together in one remote place.

It is quite unlikely to come across them if you are only roaming randomly around this open world. On another hand, their uses make them one of the best flowers to forage in Teyvat.

With that in mind, we will provide you with the full instructions from where to find them, the most efficient way to farm them, to what you can use this incredible material for.

Cecilia In Genshin
Below is the instruction for you to find all Cecilia in Genshin Impact, the best farm route, and how you can use it.

Where to find Cecilia flower Genshin Impact

There are several ways to get Cecilia in Genshin Impact. Either in the wild or from a shop, you may want to take these notes to fill your inventory with this rare flower:

1. Cecilia Genshin Impact location

There is only one spot in nature where you can find Cecilia growing: Starsnatch Cliff.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of them here and you will not be low on supply if you frequently stop by and forage them.

Cecilia Genshin
Starsnatch Cliff is the only Cecilia location in Genshin Impact.

Note: Cecilia Genshin respawn time is 48 real-world hours. Therefore, make sure to visit every 2 days to get lots of these flowers.

2. Where to buy Cecilia

If getting Cecilia in the wild seems not enough, you may visit shops to buy some:

  • Flora in Mondstadt

Talk to Flora in Mondstadt and you will be able to purchase a few Cecilias from her.

You can buy Cecilia for the cost of 1000 Mora each.
  • Sharp at Starsnatch Cliff

Converse with Sharp up and ask if he is bored. You can find this NPC at Starsnatch Cliff. From here, he'll question if you want some flowers and will promptly give you five Cecilias. As this trick only works once, you may not consider it a reliable farming method.

  • Grace near Favonius Cathedral

Another way to get Cecilia is to approach a nun called Grace, ask what she is doing, and inquire about Barbatos. Afterward, go on and ask how you can pray to the Anemo Archon.

Then, discuss "unsettling omens" and Grace shall give you three Cecilias. Same to Sharp, this method only functions once.

Cecilia Genshin Impact farm route

Farming Cecilia is a simple thing to do in your Genshin Impact adventure. Once a good pattern is figured out, players can find over 30 Cecilias in the span of 10 minutes.

Check out this farming route for reference:

  • Go to Flora in Mondstadt and buy five Cecilias.
  • Teleport to Starfell Valley, which is west of Thousand Wind Temple.
  • Run northeast to the north of Thousand Wind Temple.
Cecilia Genshin Farm Route
Follow this Cecilia farm route to get all of these flowers.

ook for several bunches of Cecilias there as they're scattered about the whole area and spawn to the very top of Starsnatch Cliff.

What is Cecilia used for?

You can use Cecilia for several purposes as below:

1. Ascension material

Cecilia is needed in Venti and Albedo’s ascension. For their cap ascension, players have to farm 170 Cecilias each. Considering how rare it is, you will need to be on the lookout quite regularly.
The mysterious Alchemist and the bard are both limited five-star characters, making them extremely powerful and sought after in Genshin Impact. This fact makes Cecilia equally hot on the hunt.

However, players need not be afraid as they can get 100 of these items in about 3-4 trips, maybe less even if they have got some up for grabs in the inventory.

Cecilia Genshin Map
Albedo and Venti's ascensions both need Cecilia.

2. Crafting material

For the unversed, this tool is used to detect nearby Anemoculi in Mondstadt.

Crafting one Anemoculus Resonance Stone requires 5 Cecilias.

How to get Cecilia flower Genshin Impact for Lisa

Cecilia also appears as part of Lisa’s Troublesome Work quest. Players not just need to help her track some overdue books down but also give her gifts, buy her dinner, and gift her some flowers too.

The last part of this quest is when you need to give Lisa either a Dandelion, a Mist Flower, a Rose, or a Cecilia. Well, Lisa loves Cecilia. You should totally choose this flower for the best outcome.

How To Get Cecilia Flower Genshin Impact For Lisa
If suddenly you have a date with Lisa, give her Cecilia.

In case you have not had any Cecilia in your inventory, you can ask Donna at the flower merchants.

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