The further you manage to progress in Genshin Impact, the tougher enemies you will encounter along the way. The “We Will Be Reunited” story quest, where the Traveler and their sibling unite, lets players meet an enemy called Abyss Herald.

Although this opponent is certainly more fierce than Abyss mages, you can easily take him down with the proper tactics. Let us shed light on how to defeat Abyss Herald Genshin Impact and where you can find him.

Genshin Abyss Herald
Abyss Herald is a new enemy to fight when you reunite with the lost sibling.

1. Abyss Herald location

You don’t just randomly roam around the world of Teyvat and come across this enemy. This challenge, instead, does have some prerequisites.

How to unlock Abyss Herald Genshin

To gain access to the story quest and the enemy, you must be at least Adventure Rank 36 and have completed Bough Keeper: Dainsleif as well as Razor's first story chapter.

Where to find Abyss Herald

The formidable Abyss Herald will challenge players three times across the quest. Genshin Impact Abyss Herald locations are as below:

  • The second entry of Call of the Abyss Domain
  • End of Call of the Abyss Domain
  • Wolvendom, in Boreas Arena
Genshin Impact How To Defeat The Abyss Herald
Abyss Herald's location varies in three places after you can unlock him.

Be sure to stock up on food before getting into the domains and traveling to Wolvendom.

2. Abyss Herald abilities

One of the most essential factors to win this fight is knowing Abyss Herald Genshin Impact abilities or his attack patterns.

Currently, the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents will mainly use the same skills in each fight. However, he can summon other enemies to join the fight during the second and third attacks. Besides, he will utilize a Hydro shield.

Here are the "Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents"' move-sets:

  • Annihilation: Cross-formed Hydro attack.
  • 3-Sweep Combo: A series of 3 Hydro blade slashes.
  • Abyssal Roar: Continuous spinning attacks hitting 4 back-to-back times.
  • Hydro Shield: Hydro shield that helps absorb damage.
  • Decimate: Hydro blade that flies towards you.
  • The End is Nigh: Hydro blades that strike in 8 close-ranged directions.
How To Defeat Abyss Herald
Remembering this hydro enemy's attacks will help you beat him up more seamlessly.

3. Abyss Herald shield weakness

As soon as the Abyss Herald has his shield up, he will become a damage sponge, like most other opponents. However, Abyss Herald’s hydro shields are vulnerable to Cryo attacks. You will be able to break his shield with these suggestions:

  • Shoot with Diona or Ganyu’s Cryo arrows.
  • Use Kaeya’s elemental burst or skill.
  • Use Cryo in general.

Don’t forget to use elemental reactions to break the shield down a bit faster. Moreover, make sure you switch to a character of Cryo element once Abyss Herald gets his shield.

In case you join the fight without a Cryo unit, more time will be spent on breaking the shield down. Just avoid using Hydro attacks to not make the process too lengthy.

Abyss Herald Defeat
Cryo characters and element are the solution to breaking Abyss Herald's shields.

4. How to defeat Abyss Herald

There are three encounter variations and here’s what to expect if you want to defeat him quick and clean.

1st Encounter 

The first fight has no extra opponents. Players have to deplete 75% of Abyss Herald’s health bar at this stage.

2nd Encounter 

In the second part, he will summon an Electro and a Cryo Hilichurls Archers to assist him. He will also use the Hydro shield for the first time in this encounter, so make sure you break it fast.

3rd Encounter 

At the last encounter, the enemy will call out 2 Abyss Mages (Hydro and Pyeo) for help. You need to ruin the Hydro shield, then 100% deplete the health bar of Abyss Herald to win.

Abyss Herald Abyss Mages
Take down his minions in the 2nd and 3rd encounters to avoid extra damage.

In general, learning Abyss Herald’s attack patterns is quite easy as the enemy always moves his arms before launching a move. Another Abyss Herald weakness is he loudly announces the attack he is using every time. Listen closely to them and you will know how to dodge these attacks.

5. Best characters to defeat Abyss Herald

If you come prepared, the Abyss Herald fight is nothing difficult. As he is a Hydro enemy, Abyss Herald weakness is Cryo damage. If possible, you can keep a distance and take him down with a Cryo bow-wielder.

  • Ganyu is the best unit to defeat the Abyss Herald.
  • You can also use Diona if she’s built for high damage.
  • Chongyun, Kaeya, or Rosaria are also good alternatives for close-range attacks.
  • You can use Qiqi to freeze the enemy while also providing healing.
  • Fischl, Bennett, Venti, Sucrose, Mona, Xiangling, Amber… can be used as great supports.

You can freeze Abyss Herald and prevent him from planting massive damage.

All in all, always put characters who can create elemental reactions in your roster.

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