Genshin Impact players can now build a house for themselves in the Serenitea Pot. However, the only setback is they have to do all the furnishing, starting from collecting wood from trees.

Each piece of furniture requires a different kind of wood. Therefore, knowing all Genshin Impact wood locations will make your harvesting time shorter.

Fir Wood location

After unlocking Genshin Impact housing, the first kind of wood you should collect is Fir Wood. You can frequently harvest Fir Wood around Galesong Hill, Starfell Valley in Mondstatdt.

Moreover, you can get Faber’s Firs in Starsnatch Cliff and Stormbearer Mountains. Players should stack up wood from these evergreen, Christmas-looking trees with needle leaves as it is used for various blueprints.

Fir Wood
Firs are the most commonly used wood in Genshin Impact.

Fragrant Cedar Wood

To get Fragrant Cedar Wood, you have to find Cedar trees in Starfell Valley and Dadaulpa Gorge. They locate near the road, have a thin structure and small leaves.

Currently, you can use this wood to craft a Red Cedar Scroll Shelf, Red Cedar Curio Stand, and the Shopkeeper's Cedar Shelf. Each item requires 12 pieces of this rare wood.

Cedar Wood
Players can find Cedar trees throughout Mondstadt.

Cuihua Wood

Genshin Impact wood locations for Cuihua type are all over the zone surrounding Mondstadt. But you can find plenty of them in the Dadaupa Gorge area.

In fact, Cuihua trees provide players with Sunsettia fruits and apples. This wood is also needed to craft a Lingering Moment to add photos to Serenitea Pot.

Cuihua Wood
Look for fruit-bearer trees and you will spot the Cuihua trees.

Bamboo Segments

Don’t mistake this wood type with the cooking material, bamboo shoots.

You can find these bamboo segments along the paths leading away from Qingce Village or Bishui Plain. They come from tall bamboo trees with green trunks.

Bamboo Segments
You can only Qingce Bamboo in Liyue.

Sandbearer Wood

Players can mostly find these Genshin Impact wood locations in Lisha and Minlin. However, another ideal spot to farm them is between Lingju Pass and the Harbor.

Sandbearer trees have heart-shaped leaves and pale brown trunks.

Sandbearer Wood
These are easy to spot in Mt. Tianheng or Mt. Aozang.

Birch Wood

The Birch wood can be obtained from smacking your sword into birch trees. You can pick up these unique trees in Mondstadt’s Windtail Highland or directly ahead of the Dawn Winery. They have dark gray tiger stripes and white trunks.

You might also run into some on the border between Liyue and Mondstadt.

Birch Wood
They have either yellow or light green cone-shaped foliage.

Pine Wood

Genshin Impact players can locate Pine trees exclusively in Dragonspine or around Wuwang Hill. Nearly all trees in this snowy area are Pine trees, so just search for one and start hacking.

Pine Wood
These snow-covered trees have a distinct green color and lack plump foliage.

Inazuma wood locations

There are also some new wood types to craft furniture in Inazuma. You can find them in these areas:

  • Yumemiru wood: Sakura trees on Narukami Island
  • Aralia wood: Narukami Island
  • Maple wood: Narukami Island
  • Otogi wood: Yashiori Island

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