Blessing of Welkin Moon Genshin Impact is a special subscription item in every update. This 5-star subscription item is available to purchase from the In-Game Gift Shop. Check out this guide on where and how to buy the Blessing of Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact here.

I. How To Buy Welkin Moon Genshin

People in Teyvat often pray for blessing and wealth under the first new moon. That's why Welkin Moon was launched in this game. Genshin Impact players need to purchase the Blessing of Welkin Moon in the limited time Web Events. When using this item, you will get 30 days of rewards from the Welkin Moon's Blessing.

Genshin Impact Welkin Moon
Welkin Moon Pass in Genshin Impact is a special subscription.

You need to do Welkin Moon Genshin Impact Top Up before purchasing this subscription item. This item costs you USD $4.99. After subscribing to it, players will get 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 Primogems automatically in 30 days of the Moon duration.

Follow these steps to subscribe to the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact.

  • Open the game on your devices.
  • Go to Paimon Menu in the game app.
  • Click on the Shop option in the Paimon Menu.
  • In the Recommended section, you can purchase the Welkin Moon subscription by clicking on the Purchase button.

Upon clicking, the payment box will pop up. You need to complete the payment process to buy this item. After subscription, you will get 300 Genesis Crystals instantly and 90 Primogems per day. It's one of the best ways to farm Primogems quickly in Genshin impact.

Genshin Impact Monthly Card
You can subscribe to the Blessing of Welkin Moon Pass in the in-game shop.

II. Welkin Moon Pass vs Double Crystal Bonus

A lot of players hesitate between Welkin Moon Pass subscription and Double Crystal Bonus. In fact, Welkin Moon Pass is more valuable and worth buying. When comparing two purchases, Genshin Impact players can get more rewards from the Welkin Moon Pass. For example:

  • You need to pay $4.99 for a 30-day subscription to Blessing of the Welkin Moon. Then, you will get 300 Genesis Crystals right away. You can also convert these Genesis Crystals into Primogems at a 1:1 rate. In total, subscribers can obtain 2,700 Primogems plus 300 Genesis Crystals during the active time of Welkin Moon. After converting, you will have 3,000 Primogems.
Genshin Impact How To Defeat The Raiden Shogun
You can buy up to 18 Fates to do wishes and get your favorite characters after getting all Pass rewards.
  • When you pay $4.99 for Double Crystal Bonus, you will get 600 Genesis Crystals in total. After converting, you will get 600 Primogems only. But you can get all of the Genesis Crystal rewards instantly. Then, you are not required to log in to the game every day like the Welkin Moon Pass.

That's why you should spend your money on Welkin Moon Pass. You can buy 18 Fates with 3,000 Primogems from the Welkin Moon. But subscribers have to log in to the game every day to get 90 Primogems per day for 30 days of the Pass. Don't miss any day during the Pass.

Double Crystal Bonus
Double Crystal Bonus gives you fewer Primogems than the Welkin Moon Pass if you log in every day.

III. Common Q&A About Welkin Moon Genshin Impact

A lot of players haven't subscribed to the Welkin Moon Pass. To understand more about the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact, let's answer these questions about it here.

1. Is the Welkin Moon worth it?

Yes, it is. It's more valuable than the Double Crystal Top Up bonus event. You can get up to 3,000 Primogems with only $4.99.

Get Primogems
You should buy the Welkin Moon Pass to farm Primogems quickly.

2. What happens if you miss a day of Welkin Moon?

If you miss a day in the Welkin Moon Pass after subscription, you will miss 90 Primogems. Then, the total number of Primogems and Fates you can buy after the Pass.

3. How do I get Welkin Moon Genshin?

You need to buy the Welkin Moon Pass in the in-game Shop. This pass will not automatically re-subscribe, so players need to re-purchase it if they want to buy the new pass. The payment can be completed in Google Play Store, App Store, or miHoYo shop.

Log In Every Day
Log in every day to get all 2700 Primogems and 300 Genesis Crystals.

4. How many Primogems do you get from Welkin Moon?

You can get 90 Primogems per day. Then, you can get 2,700 Primogems after 30 days. Besides, it gives players 300 Genesis Crystals right after subscription. Then, you can convert these 300 Genesis Crystals into 300 Primogems.

Those are all you need to know about Blessing Of Welkin Moon Genshin Impact. It's worth buying than Top-Up Double Bonus. So, you can buy it to earn more Primogems with a lower budget.

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