Horsetail is a local plant in Genshin Impact Liyue. It's an important ingredient for many dishes in this nation and Inazuma. You also need to cook some dishes required in some Inazuma quest. Check out the best Genshin Impact horsetail location to farm this ingredient here.

I. Genshin Impact Where To Find Horsetail

Genshin Impact horsetail is a local ingredient in Liyue. This plant is very rare in this game. When you are in Teyvat, you can find horsetail grass in the wild or buy it from an NPC in this nation. Check out where to find and buy this ingredient in Liyue here.

Where To Find Horse Tail
Go to patches of Silvergrass and wetlands in Liyue to find horsetails.

Horsetail Farming Routes

When traversing and exploring Liyue, you can find horsetail in patches of Silvergrass and wetlands. Therefore, you should find it near river banks and lakes around Liyue. The best place to farm horsetail is Dihua Marsh. It grows along the riverbank. Genshin Impact players can farm 27 horsetail grass items in Liyue per day.

You can also enter other players' worlds to farm more Horsetail grass in their world. But you need to unlock the Multiplayer mode and ask for the friend's permission before picking up any ingredients and materials in their world. Horsetail and most other plants in Genshin Impact respawn after 48 hours according to the real-life time.

All horsetail locations to pick up horsetails in Liyue

Buy Horsetail In Genshin Impact

In addition, you can buy horsetail from the NPC Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy. This pharmacist allows each player to buy 10 horsetail items per three days. Each item costs 240 Mora. So, you need to play 2,400 Mora to buy all 10 horsetail items from Herbalist Gui.

He also sells many other local plants in Liyue, such as Qingxin flowers, Lotus Heads, Mist Flower Corolla, Flaming Flower Stamen, and Violetgrass. When the purchasable items get out of stock, you need to wait and come back to see him after 72 hours to buy 10 horsetails again.

Purchase Horsetail
Got to see Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor to buy 10 horsetail items.

III. How To Grow Horsetail Grass In Genshin Impact

After unlocking the Serenitea Pot and gardening feature in the Teapot realm, you can grow horsetail and many plants. Follow these steps to grow horsetail in Genshin Impact.

  • Launch the game and go to the Serenitea Pot world by using the quick Teleport or Teapot.
  • Go to see Tubby in front of your mansion and talk to him.
  • Then, select the Realm Depot and purchase Horsetail Seeds and A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow.
Go To See Tubby
See Tubby and buy Horsetail seeds and land fields.
  • Place the land field on the place you want.
  • Plant the horsetail seeds on the field. You can only grow 4 seeds per field.
  • Come back to the garden and harvest fully grown horsetails after 72 hours.

You can purchase two fields of Orderly Meadow from Tubby to grow eight horsetails every three days. You can also make a horsetail garden to decorate your house.

Grow It In Orderly Meadow
Genshin Impact players can grow horsetail in the Orderly Meadow field.

II. Quests & Recipes With Horsetail

Horsetail is used in many food recipes, such as Rice Buns and Jueyun Guoba. Therefore, you need to collect as many Horsetail items as possible. This ingredient is very rare.

  • Rice Buns is a 1-star recovery dish in Liyue. You need a horsetail and a rice item to cook this dish. Genshin Impact players need to cook perfect Rice Buns five times to unlock the automatic cooking feature for this 1-star dish. You can buy the recipe for this dish from Chef Mao.
  • Jueyun Guoba is also a local food in Liyue. To cook this 3-star ATK-Boosting dish, you need to have 2 horsetails, 2 rice items, a Ham item, and a Jueyun Chili item. Then, cook 15 perfect Jueyun Guoba dishes to unlock the auto-cook feature.
Horsetail Genshin
You need to use horsetails in many cooking and crafting recipes in Genshin Impact.

Besides, horsetail is an important ingredient for Fake Fly Bait for fishing. You can use a Horsetail and a Sakura item to craft 10 baits of this type to catch four rare fish types, including Golden Koi, Rusty Koi, Pufferfish, and Bitter Pufferfish.

Jueyun Guoba is of three Liyue local dishes that you need in the Taste Of Home daily commission in Inazuma. In this quest, you have to see and talk to Tang Wen and give her one of these dishes to complete the commission and get rewards. Therefore, you need to go to a Genshin Impact Horsetail location in Liyue to collect this ingredient and cook this dish.

Those are all things you need to know about horsetail, including the best Genshin Impact Horsetail location in Liyue. Try to collect all horsetail items and grow them in your Teapot realm. You will need a lot of horsetail to cook, craft fishing bait, and complete commissions.

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