Samachurls Genshin is a normal boss that leads the Hilichurl groups and garrisons in Hilichurl camps all around Teyvat and Inazuma. There are six types of Samachurls in Genshin Impact. You need to defeat them to get some essential ascension materials. Check out their locations and boss drops here.

I. Genshin Samachurl Locations

Genshin Impact Samachurls are categorized into six groups of six elements, including Anemo, Geo, Electro, Cry, Hydro, and Dendro. These monsters have different appearances and attack patterns. But they have the same boss drops.

Here are the best Samachurl farming routes where you can find the largest amount of these monsters in Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Dragronspine.

Genshin Boss
Samachurl is an easy boss in Genshin Impact.

#1. Samachurl locations in Mondstadt

Genshin Impact players can track the locations of many Samachurls in the Adventure Book. Here are some places to find this boss in Mondstadt.

  • Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt: you can find up to 10 places of Samachurls around this region. Most of them are Anemo and Dendro monsters.
  • Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Points in the east of Mondstadt city. Players will encounter many Dendro and Anemo monsters with small groups of Hilichurls.
  • Wolvendom And Brightcrown Canyon in the west of Mondstadt City also has many outdoor camps of Samachurls and Hilichurls. They also spawn near Slimes.
  • Thousand Wind Temple in Windrise has five locations of Samachurls.
Samachurl In Mondstadt
Samachurl locations in Mondstadt.

#2. Samachurl locations around Dragonspine

You often encounter Geo, Anemo, and Cryo Samachurls in the North part of Dragronspine. There are many monsters around the border between Mingyun Village and the southwest entrance of this snow-covered region. These monsters are more dangerous when they appear in groups. Especially, Geo Samachurls can create high pillars for their fellows which makes it harder to defeat them.

Samachurl In Dragonspine
All places to find Samachurls in Dragonspine.

#3. Samachurl farming routes in Liyue

Liyue also has a lot of Samachurls. They scattered around the map. Here are the best routes for players to find these monsters and farm their drops.

  • Wangshu Inn Area
  • Guili Plains
  • Cuijue Slope and Tianqiu Valley

Geo Samachurl monsters in this nation are very annoying. Xiao is the best character to counter these demons. Besides, you can use bows to shoot them off their platforms.

Geo Samachurl
You will encounter many annoying Geo Samachurls in Liyue.

#4. Samachurls in Inazuma

When you unlock Inazuma, you will find that Samachurl monsters in this nation are more difficult to defeat. The Electro and Hydro demons are pretty annoying when they work in groups. These normal bosses in Inazuma appear in all five big islands in this nation. You meet them very often whenever you traverse the land part of this country.

Electro Samachurls In Inazuma
There are a lot of Electro Samachurls in Inazuma.

II. Genshin Impact Boss Drop From Samachurls

All six types of Samachurls Genshin Impact give players the same drops. Based on the level of the demons, the quality of the boss drop also varies. For example:

  • Damaged Mask and Divining Scroll from Samachurls l.v 1+;
  • Stained Mask and Sealed Scroll Samachurls l.v 40+;
  • Ominous Mask and Forbidden Curse Scroll from Samachurls l.v 60 and above.

You can also craft higher-quality materials from low-level materials. For example, you can craft a Stained Mask from three Damaged Masks. These materials are very essential for weapon and character ascension. Besides, you also need them to level up their talents.

Samachurl Controlling Plant
Samachurl monsters drop many essential materials.

Here are all existing characters who need Samachurl boss drops for ascension and talent enhancement:

  • Mask drops for Chongyun, Eula, Kujou Sara, Xingqui, Jean, Noelle, Razor, and Travelers.
  • Scroll drops for Albedo, Barbara, Klee, Qiqi, Yoimiya, and Travelers.

Therefore, you need a lot of materials from Samachurls. Just go to collect these materials every day to upgrade your characters and their talents to the maximum level.

Scroll Ward Header Genshin
You need a lot of Scrolling drops to ascend Qiqi.

III. How To Defeat Samachurls

Samachurls are not as strong as big bosses with longe HP bars. But they are very annoying because they often appear in groups. Samachurls often spawn with many Hilichurls and some Elite monster Mitachurls. These monsters can also master their elements to cause powerful attacks, especially the Cryo and Electro demons.

Therefore, you need some tips to defeat them quickly without taking much damage and wasting food.

  • Avoid small monsters and kill Samachurls first. These monsters often stand outside the combat and use their Elemental skills to attack players.
  • Use elemental skills, bursts, and reactions to deal more damage to them. These normal enemies are very vulnerable to elemental attacks.
  • Use claymores to break the platforms of Samachurls faster. Alternatively, use the bow and charge the arrow with energy to shoot them off. These monsters are more vulnerable when they are on the ground.

Those are the best locations to find Samachurls Genshin Impact tips to defeat them. You have to eliminate as many Samachurl as possible to collect their boss drops and make your characters stronger.

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