Genshin Impact introduced the new Fishing feature in its 2.1 update which lets players catch fish with rods instead of a Pyro bower as usual. Apart from that, you may also unlock the Serenitea Pot housing system and build your own miniature world.

Meanwhile, the earlier game may only have some common fish like Black Fin Bass or Golden Bass. Players now have access to more kinds of fish after the significant update and Raimei Angelfish is one of them.

If you wonder why Raimei Angelfish Genshin Impact that sought-after, it’s because they are required to craft “The Catch”, a powerful Polearm that various characters can use.

Raimei Angelfish Genshin
Let’s dig in right now to see where we can find these fish in Genshin Impact.

Raimei Angelfish location in Genshin Impact

For those unknown, Raimei Angelfish is a rare and high-valued butterflyfish variant in the game. They love water that is saturated with Electro and seem to get hoy from the electric currents. People said Raimei Angelfish used to be on the same line with Liyue’s Abiding Angelfish until they were exported to Inazuma by traveling merchants.

To get Raimei Angelfish, you can only access one fishing spot in Inazuma: the shipwreck east of Tatarasuna.

Raimei Angelfish Location
Players can only find Raimei Angelfish at one location in Inazuma.

The most effortless way you can take on to travel there is by teleporting to the island’s eastern Teleport Waypoint. Then, you should use the Waverider to arrive at the shipwreck spot.

How to catch Raimei Angelfish Genshin Impact

Compared to when you swim to the middle of a lake to get some bass, catching Raimei Angelfish has more things to do than just grabbing them.

Here’s a number of requisites you need to apply to get the Raimei variant:

1. Enemy fighting

At the Tatarasuna shipwreck, players will find some foes: one Electro Abyss Mage and two Large Cryo Slimes. You need to outlast them before you can go fishing in peace.

Defeat Enemies To Catch Raimei Fish
You can start fishing once the area has been cleared out.

As the surrounding area is all water, choose the most suitable Genshin characters to create various elemental reactions. Avoid making your party get Electro-Charged or Frozen.

2. Raimei Angelfish respawn time

In order not to confuse yourself, remember that Raimei Angelfish only spawn at night. They won’t be available during the daytime. Therefore, you might need to adjust your in-game clock between 18:00-06:00 to catch the fish.

The Raimei Angelfish respawn time is 3 real-world days (72 hours). If you see Raimei Angelfish not spawning, it’s probably because you have the wrong timing.

Raimei Angelfish not spawning in the daytime, so you need to wait till the night comes.

Being patient is the key to getting these fish. Besides, the Traveler can also fish in other players’ worlds to stack them faster.

3. Best fishing rod and fish bait to use

Instead of using bow wielders or catching them with your bare hands, you can only catch the Raimei Angelfish Genshin with a Fishing Rod. In this case, as this fish is only available in Inazuma, it is most recommended to use the Narukawa Ukai. Players can get it by Exchange at the Inazuma Fishing Association.

Moreover, Raimei Angelfish only respond to False Worm bait. See how to get it right below.

Raimei Angelfish Bait
Use False Worm bait and Narukawa Ukai fishing rod to get Raimei Angelfish.

How to get Raimei Angelfish bait

False Worm bait is used for every species of the Butterflyfish family. Obtaining this fish bait requires these steps:

  • Speak to Nantuck in Mondstadt.
  • He sells the bait blueprints in exchange for 3 Medaka fish.
  • Craft the bait with 1 Slime Condensate and 1 Berry.
  • Each craft will give you 10 baits.

In case you have not known where to get Medaka, head to Cier Lake, Stormbearer Mountains, Windrise, Stormteror's Lair, Dragonspine, and Mt. Aocang. Medaka only responds to Fruit Paste bait which is automatically available and can be accessed through Crafting Table.

Raimei Angelfish Genshin uses

Players can use Raimei Angelfish for three main purposes: crafting tools, raising in the Teapot, and cooking.

Xiangling The Catch

1. Buying items from Fishing Association

With Raimei Angelfish, you can get different items from the Fishing Association.

  • The Catch

You can buy it after talking to Kujirai Momiji near Inazuma City. This Polearm, requiring 6 Raimei Angelfish, is perfect for Raiden Shogun or Xiangling.

  • Ako's Sake Vessel

Exchanging 12 Raimei Angelfish in total will grant you enough Ako Sake Vessel to refine The Catch to max level. You will also need to get some Putterfish and Bitter Putterfish to complete the recipe.

2. Cooking

Players can process Raimei Angelfish Genshin Impact into Fish to cook various dishes. Just approach any kind of Stove, navigate to the Food Processing tab and choose the Fish icon.

Fullmoon Egg Genshin
Fish is used in many rare Genshin Impact recipes.

Some of the best Genshin dishes you can make with Fish are:

  • Fullmoon Egg
  • Sunshine Sprat
  • Sashimi Platter
  • Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish
  • Black-Back Perch Stew
  • More-and-More

3. Raising in the Housing System

Same with every Fish type, you can get an Ornamental Raimei Angelfish while fishing. Although the Ornamental kind is harder to get, you can place it in your Teapot with the use of a Pool of Sapphire Grace.

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