The Windwheel flower Genshin Impact is an important resource being part of not just character ascension but also top-tier gadgets. You will find it convenient as Windwheel Aster locations are not too scarce in the wild, unlike Glaze Lilies.

If you are searching for some Windwheel Asters in your world, be it to ascend some units or grow them yourselves in your miniature Teapot, here’s everything to know.

Windwheel Aster Genshin
Where to find Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact - a quick guide.

Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster Locations

Windwheel Aster only grows in Mondstadt, as it is the specialty of the region. This flower is said to spawn the best in windy spots which happen to take a large portion of Teyvat.

Just venture into the locale where the wind rarely stops blowing and you shall find these pinkish materials. In particular, you can find a bunch of them at these spots.

1. In the wild

  • Stormterror's Lair: This dangerous place is in fact a good location of Windwheel Aster.
  • Statues Of The Seven: The Statues at both Dawn Winery and Windrise are hotspots for farming this wind-loving material.
  • Beneath trees: The flowers will be scattered across the wild, just look under the trees to spot their signature pink petals.

Players can take a peek at this Windwheel Aster interactive map for faster farming.

Windwheel Aster Interactive Map
Windwheel Aster locations to farm.

2. From Genshin Impact NPCs

There are two vendors where you can purchase some Windwheel Asters if you’d rather not wander around.

  • Flora in Mondstadt

Flora’s shop Floral Whisper is located near the gate of Mondstadt city.

  • Chunshui in Liyue

Despite being a Liyue commoner, she worships Barbatos and is willing to give you 5 Windwheel Despite.

To do this, ask her about the Anemo Archon and give the “best wishes” to her fisherman husband. This won’t be the ultimate method as it works once only.

Npc Windwheel Aster
You can find these NPCs to get some WIndwheel Asters.

Windwheel Aster Farming Route

If you want a time-efficient path to stack up on the flowers at all Windwheel Aster locations, below is a farming route you can take some reference from:

1. Visit Flora and buy 5  Windwheel Aster for 5,000 Mora.

2. Teleport to the Windrise Statues of the Seven where you can find them just north of the statue, on a side of the nearby pond.

3. Next, head to the Temple of the Lion by teleporting, and head north. Glide off the cliff and players shall see some Windwheel Asters down in the field.

Continue to go north until you get to a body of water up ahead where several Aster flowers Genshin are ripe for the picking.

Windwheel Aster
Also, remember Windwheel Aster respawn time in order not to miss any of them.

4. Teleport to the Brightcrown Mountains, south of Stormterror's Lair. Run crossing the stone bridge and jump down to the other side of the river. You will see several flowers under the bridge.

5. Make use of the western-most teleport waypoint in Stormterror's Lair. A patch of Windwheel Aster can be seen near a cliffside.

6. Lastly, teleport to the Dawn Winery Statue of the Seven. Roam in a small circle around it to get a number of Windwheel Asters patches.

What Is Windwheel Aster Used For?

Players can use Windwheel Aster as a character ascension material and crafting material.

1. Ascension material

The Traveler, Sucrose, and Bennett all need Windwheel Asters to level up. This is the main reason you need to explore Mondstadt fields as each character needs over 100 flowers for their ascension.

Remember that Windwheel Aster respawn time is 2 real-world days. Make sure to return and farm these windy flowers.

Bennett Traveler
Currently, the Windwheel flowers are needed to ascend 3 characters.

2. Wind Catcher material

On another hand, the player also needs Windwheel flowers to create the Wind Catcher gadget. The unique item can carry 5 Anemograna that triggers wind currents.

You can also use it to get a better view or climb steep cliffs more quickly.

How to Collect Aster Seeds

Do you know you can plant Windwheel Asters in the Housing System of Genshin Impact? To collect the Windwheel Aster seeds, use the Seed Dispensary gadget.

Afterward, you have to buy fields to grow these Windwheel seeds. Each piece of field, costing 300 Real Currency, offers 4 slots for 12 materials in total. In fact, you can only grow Windwheel Asters on the Luxuriant Glebe kind of soil.

Luxuriant Glebe
You can plant Windwheel Aster in your garden.

After having planted the seeds, you need to wait as a specific amount of time passes by until the seeds grow into the plants. Once they have fully matured, you can harvest the flowers and do the work again on your plot.

Note: In case you plant something by mistake, clear the plot and cancel the growing process before completion. However, you will lose the seed you have planted this way.

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