White Iron Chunk is a Forging Material item in Genshin Impact. You can use it to make Fine Enhancement Ores, forge weapons, and make Furnishing items. This item will become more and more important the higher level you go since it is the primary way to make your characters stronger.

But if you don't mark down their locations on the map, it can be quite some works to find them when you need to upgrade your weapon. Check out this White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm guide to learn how to get them.

1. How to farm White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact

To farm White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact, you first need to know their locations. There is a good chance that you have come across a lot of them during your journey already. They have a grey color and they emit a little sparkle just like every other collectible item in Genshin Impact.

White Iron Chunk
White Iron Chunk can be found anywhere in Teyvat in Genshin Impact.

To mine it, you need to attack to break them and then collect them. Claymore is the best weapon to mine ores since they break them much faster than other weapons.

You can find White Iron Chunk all around Teyvat but there are places where there are more of them than others. Check out the section below to find out where to farm White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact.

2. Genshin Impact where to farm White Iron Chunk

You can find White Iron Chunks mostly inside mines or mountainous areas. After they are broken, it takes 2 days for them to respawn.

Here are the 4 locations in Teyvat with the most concentration of White Iron Chunks.

  • Spiral Abyss: The Spiral Abyss has a lot of White Iron Chunks compared to its area size.
  • Stormbearer Mountains: There are a few large White Iron Chunks you can easily find near waypoints in that area.
  • Mt. Aozang: You can find at least 8 White Iron Chunks just right around the waypoints on the top of the mountain.
  • Wolvendom: Whenever you do your weekly Wolf of the North challenge, you take the chance to farm some White Iron Chunks here as well.
White Iron Chunk Location Genshin
The location of all White Iron Chunk mines in Genshin Impact.

Expeditions in the Adventure Guild is also a way for you to consistently get White Iron Chunks passively. Typically, you can get around 3-4 White Iron Chunks from a 20-hour Expedition.

3. Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk farm route

Having a Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk farm route will help you save a lot of time while farming for White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact, especially in large areas. Below are some of the common White Iron Chunk farm routes in Genshin Impact. You are going to be running a lot so I recommend you use a Stamina Consumption reduction food or have Sayu in your team.

Mt. Aozang

From the waypoint on top of Mt. Aozang, there are 3 different White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm routes you can take. At the end of each farm route, you need to teleport back to the waypoint to take another route. You can find a total of around 30-50 White Iron Chunk and it will take around 8-10 minutes.

Mt Aozang White Iron Ore Locations
Mt Aozang White Iron Chunk farm route Genshin Impact


There are 2 White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm routes in the Wolvedom area. The first route starts from the Cecilia Garden domain and the other route starts from the waypoints to the southwest of Mondstadt. You can find around 20-40 White Iron Chunk here.

Wolvendom White Iron Ore Locations
Wolvendom White Iron Chunk farm route Genshin Impact

Stormbearer Mountains

The White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm route on Stormbearer Mountains is short but it contains quite a lot of White Iron Chunks. you can get around 20-30 White Iron Chunk within only a few minutes.

Stormbear White Iron Ore Locations
Stormbearer Mountains White Iron Chunk farm route Genshin Impact

Brightcrown Canyon

Brightcrown Canyon is another location with a great amount of White Iron Chunks for you to mine The White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm route is simple and you can around 20 White Iron Chunks in just a few minutes.

Brightcrown Canyon White Iron Ore Locations
Brightcrown Canyon White Iron Chunk farm route Genshin Impact

4. Purchase White Iron Chunks in Liyue Harbor

Apart from White Iron Chunks farm in the wild, you can also just spend some Mora to purchase White Iron Chunks in Liyue Harbor. There is an NPC named Shitou near the Crafting Bench in Liyue. you can buy 10 White Iron Chunks from him for 4,000 Mora. His stock refreshes every 3 days.

Shitou Locations
You can buy White Iron Chunks in Liyue Harbor from Shitou every 3 days.

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