Genshin Impact Vision is a gift from gods to characters in Teyvat who are recognized by them. This mysterious tool gives characters elemental power. It's said that characters with Visions have the chance to ascend to Celestia and become a god. Here are things and facts you need to know about Visions in Genshin Impact.

I. Genshin Impact Vision Types

There are seven types of Vision in Genshin Impact in proportion with seven elements, including Hydro, Dendro, Electro, Cryo, Anemo, Pyro, and Geo. When a character receives a Vision from gods, they can use the elemental power from it. All playable characters, The Seven Archons, and some non-playable in Genshin Impact have Visions.

However, Visions can be confiscated. For example, some NPCs lost their Visions to the Vision Hunt Decree, such as Arataki Itto, Iwakura Kouzou, Domon, Kazuha's friend, Tejima, and Kurosawa Kyounosuke. All these characters come from Inazuma.

In addition, Mona, Ningguang, and Kazuha have reawaken a Masterless Vision. Many people want to gain more power but many Vision users don't want them because Visions are sometimes linked to misfortune.

Mondstadt Vision
All playable character in Genshin Impact has Visions.

II. Genshin Impact Nation's Visions

There are three nations and one region in Teyvat now. Each nation has a unique core element. Besides, their Visions also have different designs.

#1.Mondstadt Vision

Mondstadt is the nation of Anemo. So, this nation has the Anemo Vision. The standard Vision in Mondstadt has an orb-shaped gem inlaid inside a pair of tri-feathered wings. Besides, it has a diamond-shaped tail between two wings and five spikes at the top with the biggest spike in the middle.

Note that many characters in Mondstadt do not have a standard Vision. For example:

  • The Vision of Albedo and Lisa is smaller.
  • Kaeya's Vision has duo-feathered wings instead of tri-feathered wings.
  • The Vision of Venti has an ordinary glass orb to hide his identity.
Lisa Vision
Lisa's Vision is smaller than the standard size.

#2. Liyue Vision

Liyue's element is Geo, and the standard Vision of this nation has a square design like the shape of Geo Element's symbol. In specific, its diamond-shaped Vision is inlaid in an octagonal border. Besides, the Vision also has four arrow accents at four corners of the diamond frame.

Some Liyue characters also have non-standard Visions, such as Xiao, Xingqiu, and Zhongli.

  • Xiao's Vision is smaller than the standard size.
  • The backside of Xingqiu's Vision faces outward instead of inward.
  • Zhongli's Vision looks not real because he also wants to hide his identity like Venti.
Xiangling Vision
Xiangling Vision is the standard Vision in Liyue.

#3. Snezhnaya Vision

The standard Vision in Snezhnaya has an orb shape with angled protrusions in the left and right sides and top and bottom of the Vision. Besides, Snezhnaya also has Delusions that look like Visions. Both Vision and Delusion in this region have gray decorations instead of golden or polished bronze colors like Visions in other nations.

Childe Vision
Childe wears Snezhnaya Vision.

#4. Inazuma Vision

Inazuma is the nation of the Electro element. The leader of this country, the Raiden Shogun or Electro Archon, started the Vision Hunt Decree to take visions from Vision users in Inazuma. The standard Vision design of Inazuma has an orb-shaped gem inlaid insides a golden thin frame. Besides, it has a full-circle stylized bow surrounding the gem along the top half. It looks delicate and luxurious.

Inazuma Vision
Kazuha has two Visions of Inazuma.

III. FAQs About Genshin Impact Vision

To explore more secrets about Genshin Impact Visions, go to find the answer to some common questions below.

#1. Which is the strongest Vision in Genshin Impact?

The power of Vision is not calculated. Therefore, we can't point out the strongest Vision in the game. But Electro vision is the rarest Vision in Genshin Impact because the Electro Archon stopped giving this type of vision out.

The power of characters does not depend on the Vision type they have. Visions only determine which element those characters will use.

Electro Vision
Electro Vision is not given now.

#2. Is Venti's Vision fake?

Venti's Vision is not a real one, but he grants magical power to his fake Vision to summon his wooden lyre "Der Frühling." Venti's power does not depend on the Vision.

#3. Does Traveller have a Vision?

Traveler does not have any Vision but he/she can still use the Archons' elemental powers. You can change the element of your Traveler character by Resonating with the Element of the Archon at different Statues of Seven. For example, if your Traveler character resonates with the Geo Statue of Seven, he will obtain the power of Geo Archon.

Besides some interesting facts about Genshin Impact Vision lore, Genshin Impact players can also do the Genshin Impact vision test online to check out which vision belongs to them.

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