Divine Bridle Genshin Impact is a new important item in the new region Enkanomiya. It's very essential for the Whitenight-Evernight cycle in this new Genshin region in Inazuma. Check out how to get and use Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact.

I. How To Get Divine Bridle

Divine Bridle Genshin Impact location can be found during the Hyperion's Dirge World Quest. It's in the Dainichi Mikoshi. You need to collect and place the Offering Stone of the Temple and reach the top of the Dainichi Mikoshi temple.

After talking to the NPC Aberaku, you will complete Hyperion's Dirge World Quest. You will be granted a Divine Bridle. The item will be stored in your inventory.

Enkanomiya Item
New item in Enkanomiya - Divine Bridle.

II. How To Use Divine Bridle

Genshin Impact players can use the Divine Bridle to change the Whitenight-Evernight cycle in the Enkanomiya region under the Sangonomiya Shrine on the Watatsumi Island in Inazuma.

To unlock this region, you have to complete the Archon Quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals" in Chapter II: Act III. Then, complete two world quests 'The Still Water's Flow' and 'The Moon-Bathed Deep'. Besides, you need to reach Adventure Rank 30 and above.

Whitenight Evernight
Use it to change the Whitenight-Evernight circle.

The time circle in this region is not similar to the day and night circle in Teyvat. The Divine Bridle allows players to change the time circle. You also need it to

  • Go to the South West of Evernight Temple.
  • Follow two Seelies to reach and interact with the machine.
  • Talk to the ghost named Clymene.
  • Use Sango Pearl and offer it to Royal Tombs.
  • Head to Soul Guide's Locus.
  • Give the ghost Clymene the Divine Bridle in your inventory.
  • Place the item within the waters.
  • Report the quest to Clymene.

The Divine Bridle is very essential in the new region in version 2.4. Unlock Enkanomiya and explore this new region now.

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